Forza 3 (Xbox 360)

New beautiful racing game but just for xbox 360 consoles. In this game you can buys cars, upgrade them and also sell them. When you make your own design you can sell him on online market place (you need internet connection and xbox live gold membership). On this market place you also can buy cars with designes from other players. You can find here a lot of cars.

So OK. Next in the game you can find more than 400 cars which are modelated to high details. There is also lot of tracks. More than 100 tracks. You can play here free drive or campaign races which are really great. But there is just 8 players on one track. And when Im talking about players I have to say that this game you can also play online and race with your friends or someone else.I was playing this game with my friends something about 30 hours and we unlocked 9 percents of game. Its crazy when you think about this and true is that we finished every race on first try. But we were having a big fun because all cars has a beautiful models from outside and also interior is amazing. Also sound of cars are great. When you have a great sound system you can hear all cars better as they are racing next tou you. From every race you collect money and driver points. There is also lot of xbox achievements. For this money you can buy new and new cars but you can also win car when you win the race or not just car but also upgrade of your car. In this game is also not missing photo mode which is brilliant.

So thats finish of my small review about this game. My opinion on this game is 9.5/10 so play it. When you like racing play this game and you will have such a big fun when you will be playing this.