Four Foundation or Types of Kicks

Round House

This is the most commonly used kick in different martial arts discipline. I t is used to hit hard to reach targets such as the side, ribs, legs of theoppponent, and even the head of the opponent.

As time goes by, different martial artists tend to create different variations of round house, and different ways or principles on how to deliver a roundhouse. As of today, there is aMuayThai round house which can be compared to a whip, a Karate round house, which follows step by step movement, and lastly, aTaekwondoRound house, which even uses 45 degree round house for speed.

To give you an idea on how to deliver a roundhouse, do the following steps:

1.) Raise your knee as high as you can while standing on the balls of the other foot

2.) Pivot your body by using the balls of the standing foot

3.) As you pivot or turn, you slowly turn your knee into asidewardposition

4.) When your knee is already pointed to your target, you snap out your kicking foot as fast as you can while using the momentum of your turning action until the shin of your foot hits the target.

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Front Kick

Basically, this kick is a thrust kick, which hits the target in front of you. InMuaythai, front kick can also be used as a foot jab, in order to stop their opponent from rushing in.

Side Kick

Side kick is uses the same principle as front kick, the only difference is that, it kicks the opponent at your side

the process will almost be the same with round house and front kick where in you start from lifting your kicking leg as high as you can, then gently raising it and thrusting it towards the side of your body….

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Back Kick

The principle of Back Kick is almost the same with Side and front kick, but this time, you kick your opponent at the back of you… to make this kind of kick stronger, you kick the same way horses do…