Free Baby Stuff, And Help With Baby Showers!!

My sister in law recently found out that she is pregnant, we are all so very excited, but I have been going baby-freebies crazy, and I am sharing all my great finds with you, so you don’t have to do the work.  I am thinking it’s a girl, cannot wait to find out, anyone knows any tips on guessing the sex before the Dr tells us please let me know. I hope that i can help you all find amazing deals, and HOTT freebies.  Xena and I hope to have some great pet freebies.  We recently recieved a sample of Rachel Ray’s dog food, she loved it. If there is anything particular you guys would like to find for free let me know and I will try my damnedest to find it.

<–Our Peanut!!

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Baby Advisor

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Baby It’s Free

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Ok, well there is some links to get you started, also try, great freebies here as well.  Leave comments, and friend me please, I will return the favor.  I will be posting more freebies, baby and otherwise, also some APBT information as soon I get all my pups in a row!  Could you please send me pictures of your Pit Bulls, I would like to have a Cutest Bully contest, with a small prize for the winners!

Thanks for reading and please come back for more freebies soon.    

Nina aka XenasMommy