Friends OR Foe? Are they after your money? – Find out if it’s from A trusted source

First Experience

Once in a while you might get a message that your business won such award and, here is the “For immediate press release!”

I received some “For Immediate Press Release” e-mail not long ago, for my own business, the historic inn.

I looked it through, i read it again and again and, at the end they were asking for some money for the Plaque to be printed and shipped to us. But $70 bucks is $70 bucks and I then started investigating how legit the e-mail was;

  • I called them, and as a result they e-mailed me back saying all communication should be in writing, OK
  • I confronted them, saying that now one knows about them, not BBB, not my Association which is WIA -stands for WI Innkeeper Association, and so on
  • I have seen a post about the award on other businesses blogs on (which is free for anyone) that might make you think: WOW, this is a nation wide recognition award, you should be “somebody”!

What I’m saying is even they looked legit, when, I think you should investigate a little further with some official sources, even if they asked you for money or not, but since they are not in your state, which was the case with me, it’s worth the time.

Here is the co. info

“Sincerely,   Ashley Carter  Selection Committee Chair  U.S. Local Business Association   p.s. If the links are not working in this email please copy and paste the following URLs into your browser:   Award Order Form: Press Release:  “

Their web looks like anyone can put tht page together and more like they are in the framing business.

official or NOT?!


Second experience

My second experience with that was again, still about the hotel and I could verify the source, they posted all their link, phone number, address and all that, they were so more upfront and coming forward with who they are.

BY the WAY – they NEVER ASKED FOR money, rather they gave me a few links where I can post the Press Release for FREE.

It was free to participate and subscribe too.

Here is part of their message:

“Please give this Press Release to your PR Department for publishing. If you don’t have a PR Department, you may use the following resources to get your Press Release exposure:

  • local newspaper editors
  • local business journal editors
  • local radio stations
  • local TV stations
  • local lifestyle magazines
  • post it to your web site’s “Press” or “News” page

For maximum benefit, you also should publish your release at press release websites. When you do this, it will be picked up by regional, state, and national publications and may even lead to feature stories and special interest articles written about your property. Best of all . . . many of these online Press Release Sites are FREE! Included in this email at the bottom of the page is a list of online Press Release Sites.”

For all the information they provided for me and if you might need the links see my blog page:

They sounded really excited for me!