Friendships And Your Health

Cultivate Friendships for your Health

Friendships keep you healthy. Period. But how can you make the most of your friendships? Friendships can reduce stress and even prolong your life. You have to build a support network of your own – here’s how:Meet people: In the age of cell phones, instant messengers and social networks it’s easy not to meet your friends face to face. But meeting people – new and old is so much essential for your support network. The more people you meet, the more friends you will have in your so you’re ensured that your friends will be there for you.Manage your time: Sometimes we feel that we don’t have the time, but you know the age old saying – if you don’t have time, make time. Get organized and get some time management skills because you need to spend time with your friends in order for your friendships to grow. Listen to your friends: Listening in friendships is as important as talking things out. You can build bonds and be supportive to your friends by just listening to them. Just remember these three points when you’re listening:

1. Ask questions about their feelings. And just listen.

2. Respond back by reflecting that you have truly understood.

3. Stop thinking about how to reply or connecting to you experiences and just listen to them.

Listen to your intuition: In order for friendships to work, you have to listen to yourself too.

* Can you communicated properly with your friend?

* Does he or she support you and understand you?

*Are you supportive and understand them in return?

*After you meet them do you feel depressed or energized?

*Do you leave them depressed or energized after you meet them?

Be honest to yourself and answer these questions. You will find out whether your friend and you are meant to be or not.Let go:

Now that you’ve answered those tough questions, you would know who can be your friend and who cannot be. If someone is making you feel bad about yourself and doesn’t really share your interests or your values, there’s really no point to have them as your friend. People change according to time. If you’re having a hard time, you can check out my post on Getting Rid of Friendships. 

Friendships and Your Health

Did you read that article on MSN? It’s about How Friendships Keep You Healthy. The Department of Health also tells that friendships make us richer and stronger mentally. So what qualities should be there in friendships for your mental health? Here’s a short list are the qualities of good friendships —

* being independent and self-sufficient

* being positive, upbeat, and warm

* talking about others in a positive way

* being honest and dependable

* doing your share of both the talking and listening

* being respectful of the other person’s feelings

* keeping yourself clean and well-groomed

* accepting your individual differences

* listening closely without interrupting

* being nonjudgmental

* giving the other person plenty of “space”

But don’t limit that list for yourself! There’s plenty of other qualities you can come up with too. Share with me if you have some too!