From Hollywood to Politics and Drama: Arnold Schwarzenegger in All His Glory

If you asked me to name one person that spent his entire life working as hard as he possibly could, I’d name Arnold. The guy has had such a respected career which evolved as he aged. He started her career as a bodybuilder and was at the peak of the mountain when it came for weightlifting. He then transitioned into acting and became one of the top actors in the Hollywood industry. And, finally, as his age prevented him from doing all that action-heavy stuff, he entered the field of politics. However, Arnold’s story isn’t all happy. It’s very easy to just glance at the surface and call his success story easy, but no one ever knew how tough the life of this person really was.

Here’s an article that will look deeper into the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger than most people care to.


Arnold’s father Gustav Schwarzenegger was miles away from the perfect dad. He was a part of the Nazi troops and his mentality reflected why he believed in Hitler. Gustav had no idea if Arnold was his own son, and he never held any affection towards him because of it. He would find excuses to abuse Arnold (mostly with a rod) and that’s why when he passed away, Arnold didn’t even bat an eye let alone attend the funeral.


During his childhood, Arnold looked up to only one person, his brother Meinhard. However, Meinhard passed away in a car accident in 1971. This was before the death of Gustav and due to his father’s presence, Arnold could not go to his brother’s funeral.


Arnold was 15 years old when he entered the world of bodybuilding. He said that there was something amusing about pushing his body to the limit and that it was extremely enjoyable for him. He might call bodybuilding a hobby, but most people believe that the physical exertion was Arnold’s way of coping with his troubled childhood. Just five short years later, Arnold became Mr. Universe, the youngest candidate to ever do so.


In 1968, Arnold felt that he had achieved everything he possibly could from Austria and it was time to move away. He took a flight to America on his own when he was 21 years old and was ready to settle here. He knew close to no English but, he did the only thing he knew how to do. Went right to Gold’s Gym and started working out. It would take Arnold fifteen years to become a citizen.


After just a year of living in America, Arnold got called to play Hercules in the movie of the same name. Arnold’s bulging muscles made him the perfect candidate for movie. And, this was just the beginning. By 1975, Arnold had starred in three hit movies.


Arnold found the perfect woman for him, she was a niece to John F. Kennedy. Arnold married Maria Shiver on April 26th, 1986 and it’s safe to say, Arnold wouldn’t have done everything he did without the constant and undying help of his wife.


Arnold and Maria had four children together; two daughters and two sons. And, Arnold raised them like royalty. Arnold taught his kids everything they needed to become decent, humble human beings. Sure, they lived in a 11,000 square foot house and had enough money to live a dozen lifetimes. But, they didn’t live differently from the rest of us. Arnold was with them every step of the way and each of them are on their way to successful careers right now.


Arnold is a guy that has an eye to smart investments. When he came to money in his young adult days, he didn’t just spend it on cosmetic surgeries, or vacations or shopping that teens these days do. He invested the money in good places and profited highly. Arnold’s net worth is $300 million which is mostly due to his career as an actor, but he was a millions before he entered the movie industry.


There was a time in 2003 when Arnold became the Governor of California. This was the first time Arnold stepped into politics and the opposition was quick to respond to it through the most popular way to destroy a celebrity, scandals. Several women came to the media reporting that they had been inappropriately touched, forced, and abused by Arnold. While it was clear that this was an effort to throw some dirt on Arnold’s name, he quickly overcame the scandals.


A Governor makes about $175,000 a year, which is a decent salary even for a millionaire like Arnold. However, he declined the salary claiming that he has more than enough money and doesn’t need the state to spend more on him.


Over the years, Arnold has spent a high amount of his earning on donations. He has frequently donated to the Special Olympics in China as well as universities in Southern California. He does his best to appear in seminars and give out lectures. Arnold contributions to create more “Arnolds” have truly been mesmerizing.


Life was perfect was Arnold and Maria till Arnold had an affair with the maid, Mildred Patricia Baena. The affair lasted a long time from 1991 to 2004 and remain undiscovered. That wasn’t it however, they had a son Joseph who was hidden from Arnold till he was seven. The world learned of the affair in 2011.


On May 9th, 2011, Arnold and Maria announced to the world that they are going to end their marriage. They made it sound like it was purely due to “different interests”, but the whole world knew that the reason was the affair the illegitimate child.


Arnold was a great supporter of free speech and felt that everyone deserved the right to speak out. One time, he was campaigning in 2003 when an egg came flying out of nowhere and hit him in the shoulder. He shrugged it off, removed his jacket and moved on as nothing had even happened. Later on, he said that the egg was just a different form of free speech and joked that the guy owed him bacon, “You can’t have egg without bacon”…