Funny Step Brothers Quotes

This is one of the most hilarious Movie i ever watch the Step Brothers.

List of my Favorite Step Brother Quotes

“hey im gonna fill up my pillowcase with soap and beat the shit outta you”

“I’m not gonna call Robert Dad, not even if there’s a fire. Robert better not get in my face. I’ll drop that motherf**cker”

“hey Derrick, you know what helps with a hurt sholder? if you eat my butthole”

“Can i ask you a question. do you like guacomoly?”

“or else i’ll eat your dick” “he’ll do it, ive seen him do it before” “you’ve seen him eat a mans dick?” “it was in international waters they couldnt prosecute him”

“Turn off the lights-Industrial-strength night-vision goggles.

Holy Santa Claus shit.

Can you imagine if we had thes

when we were 12? Even better. We got them when we’re 40.

You know what’s amazing? They’re not that noticeable on your face.”

agreed, and i remember my first beer, and thats so funny last time i heard that, i laughed so hard i neary fell of my dinosaur

“You yelled rape at the top of your lungs

i honestly thought i was gonna be raped

he had the crazy look in his eyes and he said lets get it on

i was talking about the fight

i am so not a raper?”