Gain Weight : How to Put on Weight Quickly And Safely


Bear in mind being skinny is not the end of the world; it does not make you less intelligent than the person who has a perfect figure. Gaining weight  is easy and an achievable task just be patient and follow these excelllent weight gain tips.

Simply stop getting frustrated at being stuck on the lighter side of the weighing scale as you are not the only one, there are so many individuals just like you. Remember feeling dejected and depressed will not help in your efforts of increasing weight. To start with you need to be positive about yourself and always try to be happy at all times. Do not let your appearance affect your self image.

For people who are desperate to learn about weight gain tips, help is at hand. Read on to learn to put on weight fast and in a healthy way.

Eat Right

It is very important to eat the right food and also increase the proportion of food you are normally eating. Therefore simply increase your daily calorie consumption to gain weight and keep in mind that these calories should come from healthy foods, and not by consuming lot of junk and greasy food.

If you suffer from a poor appetite, you should start to eat smaller but very high calorie meals. Try to eat often and treat yourself to plenty of snacks throughout the day. Simply make three large meals and two to three hefty snacks part of your daily dietary routine.

Drink Right Fluids

Instead of drinking just water, coffee, tea or diet sodas thin people should emphasize on drinking fresh fruit juices. Milkshakes and fruit smoothies are very rich in calories so drink them regularly for healthy weight gain.

Choose the right Fruits


Opt for fruits which contain less water. Therefore eat lots of fruits like bananas, apples, pears etc and eat less of oranges, watermelon, peaches, plums and berries. Dried Fruits are an excellent option and are a great way to gain weight as they have no water and they include all the fruit-sugar.

From now on always carry a packet of nuts and raisins or your favorite dried fruits in your handbag. And enjoy munching them while traveling or simply eat them on your desk at work.

Increase your daily sugar intake

Increase your daily sugar intake to gain weight so start adding a little extra honey, jam or sugar to your drinks and foods. Make a habit of eating desserts after every meal and choose high calorie desserts and sweets such as cake, cookies, pies, donuts, chocolates, candies, ice creams , custard and puddings etc.

Remind your self now and then !

To gain weight quickly keep reminding yourself by setting an alarm in your mobile phone to keep reminding yourself to eat number of times in a day and at regular intervals for heavy snacks. In your busy schedule take out time to eat snacks which can really be helpful to achieve your goal to gain weight.

Do not heed to the weight gain programmes and weight gain plans just practice these simple and easy tips and I am sure you will be able to put on weight.

Happy Eating!