Garlic – Naturally Beneficial to Your Health

The use of garlic can be traced way back into history. The most fabled use for garlic was to keep Dracula and his hordes of vampires away from the necks of pretty ladies. However, there are real benefits to be gained from including garlic in your diet.

Other than being a good source of vitamins and minerals (C, B6, manganese, selenium and calcium), research point at the reduction of the risk of cancer as a major benefit of eating garlic. It has also been found to lower cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

Garlic also has major antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore an immune system booster that you cannot afford to ignore. People who suffer from arthritis have been known to get relief from the pain when they included garlic in their diets.

Allicin is the compound that makes garlic such a magical addition to your diet. The odd thing though is that you cannot get beneficial allicin until the garlic is actually cut up of crushed – magical eh? Once you have crushed or chopped the garlic, let it rest for a while before you cook it so that the beneficial allicin levels can rise.

In order to get the recommended daily dose of the benefits of garlic, you do not need to eat a whole bunch. All you need is a clove or two per day.

Many tasty recipes are available that use garlic as the main spice. You can substitute mayonnaise with basil pesto containing garlic when you make your sandwiches. In Africa, garlic is used to spice up rice dishes in the world renowned “Pilau Masala Recipe”. It is also used in many other additions that add taste to your food e.g. salad dressing, aromatic sauces and spicy marinades. The options for the use of garlic to enrich the taste of your food are endless.

Next time you are preparing a dish, add some garlic to enrich the taste of the food and also benefit from the health enhancing properties associated with its use.