General VK Singh Lets The Army And Nation Down by Going to Supreme Court

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General VK Singh is due to retire on 31 May 2012 as per his recorded date of Birth which is 1950.  But General VK Singh contends that his date of birth is 1951 and is thus angling for an extension of another year. In case VK Singh’s contention is accepted then he will continue in service and retire in 2013. This is a very sad case and the General by approaching the Supreme Court has created a bad precedent.

General VK Singh had earlier approached the central government on 2 occasions and on both occasions, on the advice of the Attorney General; the plea of change in the date of birth of Singh was rejected. VK Singh was however not deterred and continued lobbying for a change in his date of birth and extension of his service career as the Army Chief. The Chief never thought what his actions would lead to and how it would affect the common soldier sitting in the trench in NEFA and the tent in the icy Siachan.

General VK Singh by approaching the Supreme Court with a writ petition has let the entire army down. It is a clear case of a man wanting to stick to office for the perks it carries, come what may. The army was so far an organization that was a byword for discipline and national outlook. VK Singh by approaching the Supreme Court has broken that tradition. What is the effect? What will happen if every general or soldier starts approaching the Supreme Court?

General VK Singh has proved he is a very short sighted man and has no interest in tradition and discipline. Granted that VK Singh’s contention is right, it still does in no way confer on him a right to act the way he is doing to stick to office. His approaching the Supreme Court is an act of indiscipline. I shudder to think what this man has done. He has breached the hallowed traditions of the army by his actions. God save the Indian army with men like VK Singh ruling the roost. Perhaps it’s about time the government cracked the whip and retired this Army chief forthwith.