Get More Viewers to Your Articles!!

Everyone is wonder, “HOW do I get more viewers to read my articles?” The answer comes in many forms. There are hundreds of things you need to do to be one of the most successful on-line writers


so I will only cover a few. Many people think they can just write an article and let the viewers come. It doesn’t work like that. You have to write QUALITY articles and you have to write them often.

1. Quality is key!

One of the most important things you can do to attract more viewers is to write quality content. What I mean by quality is to write with a passion and don’t make mistakes. Making grammatical errors within your writing is going to steer your traffic away. Make sure you know how to construct sentences and spell properly before you get started on your journey.

2. Don’t forget about Quantity

Writing quality articles is good but you also have to write a lot of them. Writing one awesome article isn’t going to get you nearly as many viewers as writing 100 awesome articles. Quantity is good because you are appealing to more people and more searches, so you will be gaining more viewers in the process.

3. Use social networking sites

One of the fastest ways to get more viewers to your content is to use your social networking and media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, and all the other popular ones. These sites can generate an enormous amount of traffic to your content. Make sure to update your status and tell your friends when you publish new content. This could be one of the best ways to attract more return-viewers.

4. ADD people and make friends

No matter what site you are using, you need to add people and make friends. Making friends is a great way to attract viewers because your new content will be on their dashboard. The more friends you have, the higher traffic you will be able to yield. Don’t go around adding random people though. Make quality friends who can help you. Try making friends that you can link your material to.

Last, but not least, be yourself. Too many writers try to write content that they don’t know much about or aren’t comfortable with. They do that to try and make a profit but what they fail to realize is most people can see right through you and your words while reading your content. Being yourself and writing quality content are the first and most important steps to gaining more viewership!

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