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The company

HannStar Display Corporation was officially inaugurated in June 1998.
A multi-million business, HannStar acquired through technology transfer from Toshiba and Hitachi, the total scientific technical knowledge currently available applied to specializing in the manufacturing of TFT-LCD; Thin film transistor liquid crystal display, a variant of liquid crystal display (LCD) which uses thin-film transistor (TFT) technology to improve image quality.

HannStar Display Corporation is a Taiwan-based technology company, principally involved in the research and manufacturing of monitors and televisions.


The Company’s Ethos

The Company’s operational concept centres on providing people with the healthiest visionary environment, compact & convenient TFT-LCD.
The Company is also committed to discovering new knowledge about products, developments, and services, then applying that knowledge to design new and enhanced products, processes, and services thereby filling market requirements.

Their continuing research and development techniques maintain high quality and reliability in their products.


The Company’s Ethics

The Company endeavours to manufacture low-radiation & low power expenditure .
Co-incidental to this, reducing the harmful components in the products in order to achieve the goal of effortless separation and recycle of the products.

The Company responds to global green activities, conforms to international ecological conservation issues as set out by regulatory agencies.

The Firm continues to establish operational waste preventions, reducing the impact on the environment from industrial pollution, utilizing usable resources, also better quality goods, which mean less waste!
Further to this, instructing employees, suppliers and contractors by educational programs to illustrate the importance of environmental policies.


The product under review

Hanns G HQ171DP Computer Monitor
I purchased this computer monitor for my son and myself. I feel that in this society, we have a responsibility to buy products that are environmentally principled and ethically kind to those employed e.g. Fair-trade.
The Hanns G HQ171DP Computer Monitor is a quality manufactured product but also covers the criteria as noted above!

Please note * Are quotes from the Hanns manufacturer’s manuel.

  • The monitor displays crystal clear images, whether we’re using the on-line facility, software gaming products or viewing a program. Black/white or coloured images have no effect on the clarity of vision.
  • The integrated sound system produces a sharp superb sound. There is no crackling or distracting noises.
  • The sleek slim design of this attractive black 17 inch display monitor affords extra desk space.
  • Special features include TFT active matrix technology, displays brighter and more contrast in display as explained under ‘The Company’ theme.
  • Specifications as noted in the packaging booklet notes: *’Dot Pitch/Pixel Pitch 0.264 mm, maximum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and it supports up to 16.7 million colours’. These elements provide a closer spacing that produces a sharper image and vivid colour.
  • The monitor has an amazing speed response time of 5 ms. This means that it takes 5 milliseconds for an LCD pixel to change from completely active black to inactive white then back again, thereby avoiding image blurring and ghosting. The faster the response times the better; manufacturers of games are utilizing these new capacities to create games that demand faster response times.
  • Yet another creative feature includes the anti glare coating on the display which prevents the screen from glare through lighting and sunlight.
  • Further, this computer monitor allows you to *’set the image colour temperature to 9300K, 6500K or 5500K. It has an image brightness of 300cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 700:1.’ Basically, this means that colour variation is noted to as the colour temperature and is measured in degrees Kelvin, symbol: K which is a unit increment of temperature. The spectrum ranges from the flame of a candle, around 1900K to deep blue sky at around 10,000k.
  • This state of the art computer monitor supports English along with seven other languages.
  • The monitor uses *’DVI-D and VGA interfaces for signal input and also supports RGB analogue video signal. The VGA cables and the audio cables are included with the system.’ The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video interface standard designed to provide very high visual quality. VGA in analog mode.
  • The various RGB (red, green, blue) analog component video standards use no compression and impose no real limit on colour depth or resolution. Maintaining signal clarity, separating the components of a video signal, whereby they do not interfere with each other.
  • The integrated stereo speakers have an audio output of 1.5 watts.
  • Additional features include a security lock slot and the monitor is wall mountable.
  • *’The driver software is included with the monitor’. A driver is a little piece of software that conveys to the operating system and other software how to transmit with a piece of hardware.
  • *’The Hanns G HQ171DP 17 Computer Monitor measures 37.9 cm in width, 19.9 cm in height and 39.2 cm in depth. It weighs 4.8 kg.’
  • Last but not least, the company supplies a 3 years warranty for this monitor.

I purchased this three years ago for £150 second hand. A search engine would be best for Hanns model & price list.

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