Get To Know the Two and a Half Men Characters

Two and a Half Men is a sitcom on CBS. It has been on since September of 2003. The main characters are Charlie, who is a free wheeling single 40ish writer of commercial jingles. He takes his drinking and his women very seriously. His brother Alan has a son, Jake. Alan has divorced and moved in with Charlie into his Malibu beach house. Alan is a by-the-book straight laced kind of guy and Jake is a not-too-bright kid. It’s a hilarious and very successful sitcom. As of 2008, Charlie Sheen was the highest paid sitcom actor at $20 million a year for Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Harper is played by Charlie Sheen. He is a bachelor. He writes jingles for commercials. He loves to drink and have sex with wayward women. He is the more relaxed and carefree brother. Being a jingle writer pays well, so he and his boarders live on the beach in Malibu. He is sarcastic to his brother and nephew but it is apparent that he loves them as well. He picks on Alan and frequently gives Jake advice that most people would never give a child.

Alan Harper is played by Jon Cryer. He is a chiropractor who has divorced and moved in with his brother. A chiropractor’s income does not pay as well as a jingle writer’s so Alan is often broke. Alan is usually the nice guy. He’s a bit stuffy, and tries to be prim and proper. At times he gets fed up with Charlie’s teasing but realizes that they share a very deep brotherly bond. Alan, unlike Charlie, would like to find a woman to love and settle down with.

Jake Harper is played by Angus T. Jones. He is the son of Alan and his ex-wife Judith. He spends most of his time eating, watching the tv, sleeping or playing video games. He is a slow learner when it comes to school. He loves his Uncle Charlie but can trade barbs with him on an even level.

Berta is played by Conchata Ferell. Berta is the housekeeper. She is sarcastic, but very wise in advising the brothers on life. She always has colorful and unique ways of expressing her thoughts. The household depends on Berta and she is considered part of the family. She has alluded to the fact that she has been in prison and calls her daughters and granddaughters ‘sleazy and easy’.

Evelyn Harper is played by Holland Taylor. Evelyn is a snobby, conceited, self absorbed real estate salesperson and mother of Charlie and Alan. She always claims love and motherhood towards her sons and grandsons but rarely actually behaves as if she cares for them at all. They react towards her in the same manner. They try very hard to avoid her, which lends to some very funny situations. Charlie calls her ‘the devil’. No surprise, she has been married several times.

Judith Melnick is played by Marin Hinkle. She is Alan’s ex-wife and Jake’s mother. She often takes pleasure in humiliating Alan. She took alimony from Alan and lived the high life with it, even getting breast implants. She has since remarried, reconciled with Alan, reconciled with her second husband, become pregnant and claims she does not know which one is the father.

Honorable mention to Melanie Lynskey who played Rose. Rose was Charlie’s neighbor and stalker. She was a sweet, wealthy, quirky young lady who made no secret of the fact that she was Charlie’s stalker. She was never a threatening stalker, just an odd one and the family considered Rose a friend. She is well educated. Her father on the show was Martin Sheen who is Charlie’s real life father.

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