Get totally free data storage.

Everyone should have their files backed up. Web file storage is a great way to do it. Other ways of course include external hard drives and usb drives etc.. This way though is great if you don’t want to pay any money but would still like to have free storage backup. You can even use it as an online music storage place for all your own backed up music.

This free online file storage is a freeware application that works with gmail. It’s called gmailfs. You can download it now if you like at this link:

It’s one of the best kept secrets I think. Once you download this software and go through the setup procedures of setting it up you may need to restart your computer for it to be in your system ready for use. Once this is complete you will then be able to see a “gmail drive” under your “my computer” icon.

Click on the gmail drive to log onto your new free data storage space. When you do you will be prompted for a user name and password. This will be the user name and password that you typed in to sign up for the gmail account. When you type that information in you will be logged into your free storage space online.

Simply drag and drop any of your files from your local computer into this external storage space. There is a limit to how large the file can be but it can handle the majority of what you need stored for backup purposes including the average music file size. I don’t think it would be the ideal storage for video however due to its limited storage transfer capacity. This is a great free storage device just awaiting you to set it up. As a side note, gmail allows you to store over 7 gigs of info so you should have plenty of storage for your usage.

This is even a great way to access files when away from home. Simply logging on from any location will allow you access your files. You won’t need to download the gmailfs software on the “away-computer” either. Just log onto your gmail account as per normal and you will see your files there attached to your emails that were created when you transferred your data.