Get Your Child a Free Winter Jacket If You Have Low Or No Income


Visit local churches for charity. Many churches keep extra winter clothing on hand that is donated for the less fortunate. During the late fall months, many churches put on a clothes drive in which people of the community come and drop off slightly used or new winter coats for children in need. If you are low income, or have no income, you are entitled to help for your child. Ask you local church if they have any coats available for your child and explain your economic situation. Many churches are more than happy to help.

The Salvation Army gives away free winter coats to children in need. Children who come for poor families with very little or no income are able to get winter jackets for free. People in the community donate winter clothing to the Salvation Army all year round. Also, the Salvation Army does a clothes drive a few times a year during the cold months to help less fortunate families provide winter coats for their children. Call your local Salvation Army for more details.

Contact your local hospital for help in getting a free winter coat. Many hospitals have an auxiliary service that raises funds for the community and does community service to help those in need. The auxiliary foundation takes donations from people of the community in order to provide to those who are in need, this includes winter clothing and jackets. Any family with little or no income is eligible to receive a free winter jacket for their child or children. For more information, contact your local hospital and ask to speak to the auxiliary department.

Go to your child’s school for help in getting a free winter jacket. Many schools offer winter clothing to families in need so that children can have a warm winter jacket during the cold season. People of the community donate their children’s slightly used winter jackets for other children to have as needed. If you are low income or have no income coming in, you will be eligible for a free winter jacket from your child’s school. To find out more information, go to the office at your child’s school and ask about getting your child a free winter jacket.

The American Red Cross keeps items on hand from donations to help those in need. Many people in the community donate new and used clothing (and other items) to the American Red Cross so that families with little or no income can have free winter jackets for their children. Anyone who is unable to provide their child with winter clothing, due to financial trouble, is eligible to get a free winter jacket. Simply contact your local American Red Cross for more details or ask your local hospital for more information.