Getting a Dream Job – is it Possible For All?

A dream job is one where your educational qualification, expertise and past experience match very well with your job profile; your salary and perks are the best, commensurate with some or all the above aspects; your temperament and the organization’s working culture are in sync; you have a boss with common-sense whose frequency matches with yours; you are able to spare time after office hours to pursue your interest and hobbies; your job security and future growth are comfortably and reasonably assured.

Well, getting most or all the above can happen, obviously, in your dream!

In reality, our expectations on job may be disproportionately higher than our true worth; we generally tend to rate ourselves at a position far above in a scale than what we truly deserve. The economic scenario, trends in market, rapid changes in technology, macro level Government policies, family pulls and pressures – there are umpteen factors that have their influence in our getting, fitting in or pursuing our dream jobs.


If you look for one top-most factor that decides against our fitting into a dream job, it is salary. A couple of years back, in India, the IT boom was at its peak. Engineering degrees in Computer science, Information Technology, Electronics and communication etc were the most sought after ones because in these segments, the job openings were plenty and the salaries offered were far above the other branches of core engineering lines like mechanical engineering or civil engineering.

The demand in the job market for IT oriented openings were so large that there was actually shortage of man-power and IT firms freely recruited engineering graduates from other streams of engineering like mechanical, electrical and electronics and so on for IT jobs (and trained them up). The salaries offered to such engineers were again in tune with the IT Industry and core industries in these segments could hardly match these salaries.

Result? many engineering graduates, who studied mechanical engineering and the like, who had lots of aspirations to progress in their core lines (their dream jobs) ended up joining IT Industry for the simple reason that the salaries offered to them were so high!


Amidst married couples, sometimes the husband or wife may have to compromise from chasing their dream jobs for the sake of being together in one place; sometimes commitments towards children (children’s health, education etc) may force people from chasing their dream jobs.

Misplaced expectations

Some times, a job that one previously held will suddenly turn out to be a dream job and the reality will hit the face only after switching over to a new job! How? Looking for greener patches, a person may switch to a new job where his past qualifications, experience, nature of responsibility and so on may fit beautifully well along with a big chunk of increase in salary; but he may find belatedly that the new organization’s work culture, camaraderie between staff, colleagues and the boss , freedom of working, convenience of working hours and many such things were far better in his previous job; he may even feel that the satisfaction of the pay increase was no compensation for all those things that he had enjoyed previously.

    Life cannot be lead successfully without compromises. Not pursuing one’s dream job will also be one such compromise in many people’s lives.