Getting Rid of Excess Fat and Keeping it Off

Many of us have experienced the frustration of regaining weight that we had previously lost. Are you looking for ways to get rid of excess fat and keep it off for good?

Listed below are some simple ways to achieve your goals, but they aren’t secret formulas. You don’t have to live with that excess fat that you don’t want, you can get rid of it.

You will need to make a lifestyle change in order to get rid of excess fat and keep it off for good. This does not involve merely a diet.  It involves changing many things about the way that you currently run your life.  Are you prepared for this? You have got to pay attention to what you eat.  Too many people fail to realize the
connection between what they eat and how they look.   You really are what you eat! To get rid of excess fat you
will need a nutritionally sound diet. You need to take a two-pronged approach.  You must give your body the
calories that it needs and you must give it the right nutrients.

If you want to do away with your excess fat, the first step is to determine exactly how many calories your body
needs. Many people believe they should cut there caloric intake dramatically.  This is the opposite of what is
true.  There is a bad side effect of cutting calories too much.  Your body will kick into survival mode and will refuse to burn fat.  Instead it will create fat. You should decrease your caloric intake only by 15-20%
and no more than this.   You do need to get rid of some calories but be careful that you don’t send your body
into starvation mode.  If you do, it will cause your body to hang onto everything you eat.

You should take a good look at how many times you eat per day when trying to get rid of excess fat. Your body
needs 5-7 small meals spread out throughout the day for your body to lose excess fat for good.   The frequent
meals will keep your metabolism running high and will help balance your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Your body needs certain macronutrients in order to rebuild. The proper amount of macronutrients are as follows;
45% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 20% fat. A lean protein, high fiber carbohydrate and a healthy fat should be
eaten at each meal. Even after you have reached your goals you should continue to follow this same program. 
This is not a temporary fix.  It needs to be a lifestyle change.  This new way of eating is not meant to be done only for a certain period of time.  You must develop it into a lifelong habit. Your new healthy lifestyle should be permanent. If you follow the above tips and incorporate them into your daily routine you should begin
to find success in getting rid of that unwanted fat.