Ghee Rice-A Festival Special

Ghee Rice is a South Indian vegetarian recipe which is made during festivals and other occasions in India. It is a much liked dish in South India and is easy to make.

Ingredients Needed

1) Basmati rice or any other long-sized rice    -3 cup

2) Cloves                                                           – 6

3) Cardamom                                                     – 6

4) Cinnamon stick (2inch long)                         – 1

5) Coconut scraped and milk taken                   – 6 cups

6) Ghee                                                               – 3 table spoons

7) Oil                                                                  – quarter cup

Ingredients for grinding

8) Red chili (dry)                                                 – 4

9) Clove                                                               – 4

10) Cinnamon stick (1inch long)                          – 1

11) Coriander powder                                          – 1teaspoon (tsp)

12) Cumin seed                                                    – half teaspoon

13) Ginger and garlic                                           – 1teaspoon

14) Onion (small ones)                                        – 10

Ingredients for taste

Lime juice                                                           – half of a lime fruit

Salt                                                                      – as per need

Ingredients for garnishing

Onions thinly sliced                                             -2 (big ones)

Cashew nut                                                           – (as per taste)

Raisin                                                                    – (as per taste)              

Method of preparation

1) Grind the ingredients for grinding (8 to 14) into a fine paste

2) Pour the coconut milk into the paste and mix it well

3) Heat the pan with ghee and add clove, cardamom and cinnamon stick (2to 4) and roast them

4) Add rice to the above (3) in the pan and roast till it becomes brown

5) Then add coconut milk paste mixture (2) with roasted rice

6) Add salt in the above mixture and boil

7) Heat a frying pan with oil and roast the thinly sliced onion, cashew nuts and raisins

8) Take vessel, pour a tsp of ghee into it and transfer all the above items (boiled rice with ingredients) into the vessel

9) Sprinkle the lime juice on the surface of rice in the vessel

10) Cover the top of the vessel with a wet cloth and keep it on the oven (at 350 degree F) for 30 minutes

11) After 30 minutes, remove the cloth and garnish it with roasted onion, cashew nuts and raisins (No.7)

12) Serve this ghee rice warm