Ghosthunters Academy – S01E06 – Final Exams Reviewed

Essex County Hospital, Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

These “5 qualities that Jay & Grant mentioned” being Professionalism, Scepticism, Honesty, Composure & Respect I don’t recall Jason having appeared on the show at all yet & only Grant was there on the first show & I certainly don’t recall him making any reference to this list of qualities they were looking for in a potential ghost hunter.

Steve gets his first opportunity to be an idiot & takes it by ragging on Susan because she didn’t physically have her walkie talkie on her but it was obviously within audible distance of her. Don’t be so petty Steve, he’s just looking for any excuses to mark people down it seems. He further reinforces how much of a petty idiot he is by calling her walkie on the pretext he is “just making sure”, that we know your an idiot? Yes Steve, a very petty idiot. We know.

Steve & Karl in Building 11 on the 2nd floor – It seems for the second week Steve decided to get his hands dirty to check each student out. They hear a noise (like a metal door banging) & Steve tries to suggest he hears footsteps which Karl debunks as water dropping onto the something close by.

Chris & Susan (who he calls Jane, whoops!) in Building 3 on the 1st floor – Chris thinks something pulled on his top but it didn’t happen again.

Ben, Jane & Karl in Building 5 on the second floor – Jane constantly jumps onto the end of the EVP questions leaving no spaces for answers. Jane & Ben hear something like a knocking which Jane manages to replicate (so it was probably Steve or Tango doing one of their “tests” again, I can’t attest to if this was the case as they didn’t show the source of this noise).

Steve & Jane in Building 3 on the second floor – Its the second of the 1 on 1 sessions & Jane seems very anxious throughout. She hears a noise & sees a light go off which is debunked as being outside.

Steve & Susan in Building 11 on the second floor – Quite frankly with her low cut top you’d think Susan is a dead cert to win this competition outright. Susan hears a noise (that sounds like dragging) that she says sounded like 4 footsteps but Steve says he didn’t hear it (so he’s deaf then because I heard it). He does admit to hearing the second louder set of noises though.

Jane, Susan & Chris in Building 3 Tunnels – Chris hears a noise like knocking (I didn’t hear anything) & Jane gets an alternating hot & cold area on the thermal but they don’t try to find out whats causing it. Chris hears his knocking again (I didn’t hear it) but I did hear it when they went to explore it & they debunked it as a door. Though I’d love to know what caused the moaning noises seconds before they discovered the door.

Steve discovers a camera tape that had been changed out is completely blank, Jane says she changed it & definately set it recording but she just loses it & starts crying. Steve rags on her citing “professionalism”, like the type you show when you eat stuff on investigations or hit doors with mops or attack bats with sticks? Is that the kind of professionalism you mean Steve, you hypocrite? The guy throws far too many stones from that glass house he lives in, doesn’t he?

Steve & Chris in Building 3 on the first Floor – Nothing happens.

Tango & Ben in Building 5 on the first Floor – Ben tries a little bit too hard & fails to impress Tango.

Analysis – Chris plays back the knocking Ben & Jane heard, Susan finds something on a camera. Susan, Ben & Karl also decide to go and climb into the drawers in the morgue.

The Reveal – Susan presents mini DV of Ben & Tango of a moving flashing dot which Steve debunks, Chris presents audio of the knocking that Ben & Jane heard.

Steve & Tango return to TAPS to individually critique each student with Jason & Grant.
Karl gets ragged on for something he did in week 1, Ben gets ragged on for stuff he did in week 2, Tango flat out says he doesn’t like Susan but they majorly rag on her for the whole “empath” thing. Tango says Jane has “mixed reviews” so they focus on how emotional she is & Steve really makes the hard sell on Chris.

Ben is offered a spot on the next Ghost Hunters Academy as they say he isn’t trained enough which is actually very insulting to Ben. He worked hard, he was great at tech & good on investigations but here by making this offer its as though they are saying he learnt nothing at all. Ben willing takes it though. Know when they are calling you useless Ben!

Chris is also offered a spot on the next Ghost Hunters Academy which quite frankly is even more insulting to Ben again for the same reasons.

Jane is told shes going home which comes as a shock to no-one. And not before time too, they should have sent her home last week with or instead of Chris McCune.

It comes down to being between Susan & Karl, both get nice appraisals but Karl is offered the spot on GHI.

In a complete twist finish that no-one expected or predicted Susan is also offered a spot on GHI.

I guess when the opening titles were referring to this as “the 1st semester” we should have known they’d start talking about another series with new students. We know they won’t be all new as Chris & Ben will be there but expectations of them will be so much higher.