Give an Example of an Element, Situation or Norm in Modern Society That Makes The Present Worse Than The Past. For Example, Nuclear Technology is an e

There are many entertainments. One of them is video
games. I personally think they shouldn’t have invented
video games. We know that video games are good to a
certain extent. It will act as an entertainment to us.
For some reasons it is good during certain occasion
whereby not many people are attending a party. Less
people mean higher chances of getting bored easily.
Then, video games can be a good thing to help all of
us from getting bored.

So moving away from the party, we have individual
playing online video games alone. The player may be
playing games which require teamwork and allows him to
communicate with other people. If he’s using
microphone, it would be good. Because typing and
talking verbally have a lot of contribution to the
person’s language when he wants to speak outside.

And remember, there are also a lot of other games
which don’t require much communication or teamwork.
I’ve seen one, for example a first person shooting
game, it has the ‘one-man’army’ concept and it can
also be addictive. That’s just one example. There are
a lot more. This will only make the person stop
socializing with people in person again and probably
quit school if he is too addicted to it. I had friends
who are like that. It will also shorten a person’s
sleeping time, increase laziness the next day, losing
focus and a lot more.

So, it is either need to be improved on, or to maybe
shouldn’t have invented it at all because if you want
entertainment, you can play sports and knowing that
video games don’t exist, people wouldn’t really know
about it and move on instead.