Go Green When at Work on the Cheap

Instead of driving your gas guzzling car why not take the train, bus, subway, or bike, if you rather take a car make sure to carpool. Many companies give employees a bonus for riding bikes to work and carpooling. Investing in videoconferencing can reduce employee travel and all of these can help save you and your company money.

Use your own reusable mug and dishware at work. Also, bring your own food and if you have to order take-out at least use reusable utensils. If you must have coffee from your favorite coffee shop, use your travel mug instead of their cups. Plus, the coffee shop will usually give you a discount.

Use natural light. Open up the blinds and let the vitamin D wash over your office, and try not to turn on the light as much as possible. If you have to use artificial light, turn them off when you leave the room… but you probably know this already. Buying energy efficient light bulbs would be nice, but let’s face the fact that not all companies will do this so make the best of it by using as little artificial light as possible.

Set your computer to sleep mode. Setting it to screensaver mode is not helping. Make sure to turn off the computer at the end of the night and any power-strips that usually stay on.

Take advantage of technology and rid yourself of the age old paper. We all have computers with e-mail, and internet, so don’t print on paper, unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you do print make sure to use the front and back of the paper, or use old documents. Recycle toner and ink cartridges and buy remanufactured one.

Place recycling bins around the office. Make sure to provide clear information about where to recycle what.

Decorate your office with a plant and try to encourage others to do the same. Also, give plants as presents to co-workers… unless you think they might kill it. This will absorb any office pollution and brigten up your office.

Why not work from home? A lot of us can do this but some are afraid to ask. Bring it up to your boss as a trial-idea. Explain to your boss what you can accomplish at home and to try it for one day a week and if it works you can extend it but if it doesn’t you can go back to your regular shift. This will help reduce work pollution.

Educate your colleagues about going green with these simple steps.