Goa And Kerala – Top Indian Beach Destinations For 2011 Holidays

There is a galore of reasons for booking cheap flights to India. Enjoying some magnificent sun, sand and surf vacations is one of the most compelling reasons for beach lovers to visit the country. An Indian beach holidays also cost much less than what one has to shell out in many other parts of the world. Here are two of the most famed beach destinations in India.


Almost every visitor to India swears that Goa is the country’s best beach vacation getaway. Year after year, hundreds of visitors make advance bookings on their flights to India to bag cheap tickets to India. After all, this charming destination’s sun, sand, and surf experience is legendary to say the least and just thinking about the place prompts one to embark on flights of fancy. Having spent some three to four centuries under Portuguese colonial rule, Goa woke up with a massive colonial hangover and remains one of the most westernised places in India worth buying flight tickets to. Visiting the destination spells as spending lazy days on the beaches, indulging in adrenalin pumping water sports, dancing away the nights in beach parties, and guzzling down gallons of cheaply available booze.


Kerala’s beaches have their own bit of unique charm. While Goa may very well offer beach games and bar be cues, Kerala steals the thunder when it comes to the pristine appeal of beaches. Most of the palm fringed beaches have a virginal quality, which is a far cry from Goa’s tourist filled beaches. Besides beaches, Kerala has many other claims to fame as well. In fact, the destination was voted as the best Asian holiday destination in the ‘Best in Travel poll 2010’. The poll was conducted by Smart Travel Asia, an independent online travel magazine.