God Keeping Your Company Forever

There is nothing can compare, the feelings, when you know that, God has walk, with you, wherever you go. You could have all, the confidence, of safety and free from harms, which will make you happy inside and out. Being one among, the chosen people, of God somehow; the opportunity to be, His disciples can be most enjoyable, except when you are stumble, while walking, through the path of life, which made me wondering somehow, why we still slip our feet, when He is with us?

 Anyhow, as our companionship, getting deeper, through reading His words and my prayers, which are very important, and vital connecting cord, between us, I noticed that even, He is with us and walk besides us however; He will never try, to control our lives, like a robotic creation. He will always be there, for me and you, but our options, in life are still in, our hands. He gives us will, to decide which way, you will take, for your life. When you stumble, it is because, you choose to be, and when you succeed, likewise, it is due to your aim, to keep God’s company forever, without blemishes. But if it can’t be avoided, as children of God, you still have, enough time, to stop and get back, searching His presence. He is just there, where you stop walking with Him, when choosing, the other thing.

I wonder how long it would be, God can stand, ones stubbornness, where even how much, He warn me and everyone, to keep in right track, with Him, yet still, wrong ways are sometimes, and somewhat  strong, to take our steps, to left side ways, and be separated from him, because of sin. Anyhow, God’s mind is not the human’s mind and His love is greater the ocean and wider than, the universe that when you are wrong, and be sorry about it, His loving arms are just wide as the sky, to wrap us, while crying, because of pain, on the consequences, of choice. God is good, and would never left you, never forsake, you as He promise in His very words, because He is faithful, in all times.

Sometimes, people are hard headed, but when he is in great pain already, he comes back, and run, unto the hands of God. Just like the prodigal son’s story in the Bible. Anyhow, this is the attitude, which God yearning, from His people. Yes, maybe can commit mistakes, but most importantly is you know, how to put yourself down and stoop, to the ground. Just like the prodigal son, yearn also, to be with the Father’s love, after the great sin.

God is keeping His company, with you, but you and I are just, the one who keep distance from Him. Be near Him; be in His reach, to company your company, forever.