Good Sleep Tips.

I strongly believe you need to workout, have proper food and get required sleep to get a good physique. To me, Food, exercise and Rest go hand in hand for achieving a desired body.  It’s like one without the other is incomplete.

As a personal trainer as my last profession, I give advice to some of my clients on how they can get a good sleep.

Here are a few tips which I can share with you all and these tips have helped a few of my clients.

You need 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

First things first. Try to make it possible to go early to bed. Early to bed and Early to rise.

Don’t have a TV in your sleeping room.

When in bed do some slow breathing exercises while lying in bed, you will find it relaxes you. E.g. inhale fully and deeply (slowly) and exhale slowly, repeat.

Write down anything that is troubling you on a pad of paper, you will find it helps

Clear your mind on nights you can’t settle.

Reading helps to get good sleep. Prefer reading than watching television before going to bed.

Take a bath or shower before bed.  I usually take a shower to get a good sleep and to get rid of my tiredness.

Stick to a night routine that will put you in the frame of mind for sleep….i.e. doing these actions prepares your mind for sleep.

Don’t sleep during the day; maintain regular going to bed and getting