Google Adsense Revolutionizing The Internet Industry

This is a small exploration of how a splendid marketing strategy has taken the internet by storm. It comes with the changes that advertisers, and publishers and even internet site visitors have gone through ever since AdSense became a daily part of our virtual lives.

Even before AdSense emerged, many people were advertising through Adwords. It gave them a lot of publicity by getting their site listed at the top in Google search queries. It removed much of the pain and cost of SEO and the large amount of time one has to wait just to finally get to top of search engines.  It made setting up a website, a realistic and practical way to gain instant profit instead of a having a long-term strategy without any viable returns.

With the use of AdSense, the possibilities of getting your ads to appear on almost any site on the internet are numerous.  This is the reason why AdSense became a phenomenal innovation in advertising on the internet. In the past, PPC poorly ranked web pages needed to advertise offline just to get any real initial exposure.  Now, companies no longer need to hire costly professionals to create elaborate ad campaigns. There are no high costs of running your ads on sites which you have to personally look for.  All you need to do is come up with some meaningful words for your business, sign up with Google AdWords, and let Google attend of the rest of the equation. Although it may require regular management, Google’s automation saves advertisers significant amount of time.

Many would probably agree that the largest change in the way the cyberspace works in reference to AdSense comes from the publishers’ standpoint.  Whereas one would previously have to go through many steps just to get a site to earn enough to even support itself, now people are earning a living off their sites. This motivates people to supply more site content, and resources for web surfers.  That basically means site publishers have to think more of the quality of content on the site, and the overall way their pages appear rather than worrying about the economic details of maintaining a site’s profitability. Although some time investment is needed in Adsense, a big capital investment is not.   It’s not surprising that the blogging phenomenon exploded when AdSense was launched some years back. Anyone can just write a page about a topic he was passionate about and he can make a living out of it through AdSense.

The impact that AdSense has had over the casual everyday web surfer cannot be ignored.  Even if some people ignore banners altogether, the situation is entirely different for text ads.  People do read sponsored ads. Why? Well, because the whole setup generates a feeling of assurance about the advertiser. People do not ignore a text ad as easily as they do a graphic banner.  Another observation is that graphic banners are becoming even less profitable lately. The reason behind this is that several people are migrating from affiliate-type networks to AdSense.

Of course, there are negative effects too.  There are site owners making websites entirely for the purpose of running Google AdSense ads on them.  With this comes the growing phenomenon of ‘click fraud’ (people producing artificial clicks for different reasons.  But Google does try to curb such online behavior–mainly by penalizing click fraud practitioners.

 Google AdSense is transforming and revolutionizing way the internet works and it’s doing so mostly in a way that aims to benefit everyone in the internet industry.