Google Places Unleashed Review


What is Google Places Unleashed?

Mario is quietly making a killing offering effortless Internet Marketing services to businesses in his local area and this belongs to the hottest topics today within the IM industry.

Lawyers, plastic surgeons, insurance agents, dentists, real-estate agents and every business it is possible to imagine is in the EXTREME need of leads right now due to economy…

They’re having to pay BIG money if you may help them to receive more leads!

Google Unleashed will demonstrate how to get local businesses of their area to the very best of Google’s first page easily by optimizing their SEO and particularly Google Places! Google Places Unleashed allows you to get any website/business on TOP of Google’s first page within days, not weeks or months.

More importantly, you will get the precise method that Mario is using day by day, signing up client after client for at least $997/month – and that’s just for SEO and Google Places.

Google Places will be the Holy Grail of Local SEO

Here’s why: The system uses nothing but free traffic BUT… without traffic generation whatsoever.Yes, I said no traffic generation.

You set the listing up or optimize an existing listing/website and that’s pretty much it, the business owner is getting the leads and you receives a commission month after month.

The product itself comes with over 20 high quality step by step videos that are created using the newbie in mind. It also comes with a professional manual that goes into every last detail concerning the system and the way to make money with it.

There’s a lot more money to generate offering simple services like Facebook Fan Pages, article submissions and so forth.

This is not your usual over-hyped B.S. It’s an unique approach to Online marketing combining off-line and online business together. Offline Marketing, local SEO and making money from local small business owners in exchange for super simple tasks is the future.

It’s proven to work time and time again. Mario is using this method each day in the business and he has a ton of proof from buyers, students and actual clients USING Google Places Unleashed.

Google Places Unleashed was originally launched back in January over the Warrior forum and it was a HUGE hit. Mario has completely updated it, implementing all of Google’s recent changes, made it even better. There’s NO other course out that has information this relevant and up to date.

This is a proven and tested winner backed up by massive proof and testimonials.