Google Search Algorithm Changes, Good or Bad?

As Its said that google is God. When it comes to the online world, google sure is god. Google dominates over internet with approximately 90% share on search (other compitator are bing and yahoo).

Recently Google announced update to its searching algorithms. as the official site says most of the changes are very subtle and will not be noticed by most users. But there are certain things which will be affected. Google predicts around 12% of queries being affected by this update.

Good things:-

Good thing about the update is (according to google) the removal of scraps sites, content less sites , less rich content. I think most of the “made for adsense sites” will be hit by these changes. I think content will rule and Google has decided to make content King as usual. Google has many intelligent engineer who design algorithm that works perfectly well, so the update will be improvement (I think).

Bad things:-

Many new blogger may get hit, loosing thier page rank. Article sites may also get hits due to low quality articles (Lets face it, every artcle site will have these kind of contents). Which will result in stricter guidelines from such sites. I think SEO experts will have to do more to get their ranks right.