Gorgeous Tabletops for the Thanksgiving Holiday

As I mentioned above, I do love a fancy table… even when it’s just the three of us, but when I have a crowd over for dinner… it’s even better. Here’s a few ideas that I have to share.

1. Play with the dishes you have. Mix and match colors and patterns and see what you can come up with.

2. Always be on the lookout for dishes on sale that will work with the dishes you already have. You don’t want to know just how many sets I presently own… but it’s hard to pass up a sale! My set of four dinner plates came in at $5.00. How can you resist that?? I have colors that will work for any occasion you can think of… Halloween to Valentine’s Day!

3. Good Will is a great place to pick up unusual serving dishes. It doesn’t matter a bit that they don’t match the rest of the dishes. They will be used to serve vegetables and you can pick them up for about a buck! I just wish I had thought of this earlier! Some of the patterns, not to mention shapes I have come across are rather amazing!

4. Take advantage of store displays. My daughter and I love to peruse William-Somoma for ideas. They set the most amazing tables!

5. Play around with napkin creations. See what is out there and duplicate what you see. I am still trying to duplicate the Christmas stocking that I saw a few years ago. It looked so cute sitting on a dinner plate during the holiday season! One of these times I will get it right. 😉

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