Greenhouse Plans: Three Things Every Beginner Should Know

Building a greenhouse can be one of the most fulfilling activities to do in your spare time. It can also turn to be a frustrating chore.

Still, the prospect of building something out of your hands is so fulfilling that people just start building even without a good greenhouse plan. That’s like jumping from a cliff with no assurance that you’ll land on your feet. Sure it you might be successful at sometimes but more likely, it’ll end up with you in a lot of body pain.

Before committing to building your Do-It-Yourself greenhouse, make sure that you know the following.


Greenhouses are designed to store plants so that you could grow them even in winter. You can opt to be an all-year grower or you could do it only in certain periods of time whenever you feel like it. In any case, the first thing you need to do is get your hands on a good greenhouse plan.  After getting one, either by purchase or by downloading them for free, the next thing to do is figure out if they satisfy your requirements.

First, check if the plan allows plenty of sunlight, after all, you can’t grow plants without sunlight. Cross check this with the plants you want to grow to see their requirements in terms of sun and water. Make sure that the plan takes into consideration the shadows that nearby elements such as your house or trees provide.

Next, see if the plan is for the right size. It is always a good idea to start small, because small greenhouses cost less. A good size for a small greenhouse is about 10-15 feet in length.

Finally, check if the instructions on how to build the greenhouse printed in the plan are understandable and easy to follow. This will save you a lot of time when you are building the structure.


There are many websites on the internet whose sole purpose is helping people plan and build a greenhouse. Make sure to check your plans against the plans they recommend and see whether you could make minor adjustments to better fit your situation. Simply do a Google search on “Greenhouse help” to get you started.

Other websites feature forums where you can ask a specific question to the community and receive good feedback. They can also look at what you’re planning to do and depending on your circumstances, they will answer whether you have a good plan or not.


To enhance your gardening experience, there are many stores both online and offline that sell greenhouse accessories. They usually help in cutting the cost of utilities, like the Greenhouse Bubble Insulation to help keep heat from escaping, saving you about 40-50% in Utility bills.

Other accessories include organizers such as seed organizers, tool organizers, and plastic plant labels.


In all aspects, being a beginner in something is an overwhelming thing. However, the biggest think that you should know is that sometimes, you just need to pick up a hammer and start working on it, carefully following your greenhouse plan.