Grocery Store Blues? Learn Saving Rules

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Got the grocery store blues? Those dreaded, uh-oh moments when you realize it’s time to make another run to the grocery store and spend more money. As the food prices rise and employment shrinks it becomes more apparent to the bread winners in the family that simply putting food on the table is a lot more challenging than in good times. Below are some ways you can feed your family for less money and eat healthier at the same time.

Let’s start with the obvious. Stop dining out. Prepare your meals at home. If this is a bit new to you, then start with easy recipes and work your way into more difficult ones.

  • Free Recipe Sources: Internet, check out cookbooks at the library or call your relatives and ask for their favorite recipes. Write them down and if you like it, then keep it in a notebook or recipe box to be used again.
  • Each month prepare a supper menu. Start with a blank calendar and fill in the name of the recipe for each day. Be sure to add the name of the cookbook and page number of the recipe or write the recipe down in a notebook. Vary the types of meals served each week so you have a variety of meats for each day of the week. Then write all the ingredients needed for the month’s recipes on your shopping list.
  • Add to your shopping list items you will need to make simple breakfast and sack lunches. Sack lunches are cheaper than dining out or even the buying school lunches for your children.
  • Also add any personal hygiene, bathroom and grooming products necessary for the month.
  • Clip coupons or print them from online and use them. Shop the newspaper grocery store ads for the best deals. Buy super hot deals in bulk if your family uses them a lot; such as tomato sauce or cream of mushroom soup–many recipes use these two ingredients.
  • Then go shopping and ONLY buy what is on the list.Once your shopping is complete you are able to avoid entering a grocery store for a full month, though in some households it will be necessary to stop for bread or milk. If so, only buy the items you need and leave.
  • Never shop hungry.
  • Shop with cash. If you have a set budget shopping with cash and leaving other forms of payment at home will help keep you from overspending.

These suggestions are great and will work to help save money, but to truly save a lot of money and eat fresh, organic foods that you know are safe and healthy you need to start living a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Read, Grow Your Own Food: How to Live a More Self-Sustainable Life.


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