Guide: Constipation and Acne

Staying regular is very important. Drugstores and supermarkets have complete aisles dedicated to keeping you regular and your skin clear. Constipation and acne, make manufactures billions of dollars each year. Many people do not realize that you should have a bowel moment at least once a day. Preferably two to three a day, after each main meal of the day. When you do not eliminate those toxin build up in your body, and your skin can erupt with acne.


Exercising at least three times a week can help your bowels to move. Your exercise does not have to be extremely vigorous. Light strength training, stretching, and walking can keep you in great shape. People of all ages and fitness level need some type of exercise to battle constipation and acne.


Eating enough fiber can help you effortlessly stay slim and regular. Increased amounts of fiber can help your body to stay regular. Eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains high in fiber can help you with constipation and acne. If you refuse to eat vegetables and fruits daily, try a tasteless fiber supplement.

Lemon Juice

Drink fresh lemon juice. Add lemon juice often to  your beverages. They key is not to sweeten with white table sugar. This is similar to the master clanse diet that uses lemon, cayenne, and a dark natural syrup for sweetener. Hot lemon water with Stevia is a great way to remove toxins and receive antioxidants. Add fresh lemon wedges to your drinks during the day and night.

Use these tips to help you battle constipation and acne. Keeping your body on tract with exercise, a high fiber diet, and plenty of lemon juice is important.