Hammersmith Grove

Finally it is July- the most expected month of the year for me. It is the holiday break and most of the offices we operate in sharply deteriorate their activity and some of them even close for a week or two, especially the smaller companies. This, in turn gives me a chance to take a break myself.

When I do have a free time I am the embodiment of a couch potato- I can spend the whole day in front of the TV, just changing the channels. Unfortunately I missed almost the whole European Championship and could only watch the final with a couple of friends.

I am not the type of person who would pack his bags and go for a vacation for a couple of weeks somewhere warm and sunny. I believe that in order to know the atmosphere of a certain place you need much more time than just two weeks, most of which you spend in a hotel anyway. So no thank you- I will just stick home and do what I do best- enjoy my free time.

Yesterday some friends of mine invited me to go out for a dinner- funny enough it would be the first in months. They had made a reservation in The Grove- and though I live just a couple of blocks away I have never been there. My professional malformations took their toll- the first thing I checked was the front windows, but they passed the test with flying colors. Overall the place was very well ordered and neat and the staff worked really well. I chose the chicken breasts with wine sauce and this probably was the best meal I’ve had in my life. We shared a bottle of Pinot Noir and made a pledge to try and find some time to have such evenings at least once in a month.

So if you have any ideas for nice, cozy restaurants to go to, feel free to share your ideas. I have some ten days left from my work-leave and I am willing to browse the London finest. Keep them coming!