Happiness of a Writer

An article writer will get more happiness when his work is approved as well as getting fans for his work. Most of the persons who are interested in writing sharing their knowledge with others in the form of their articles. The writer will get the real satisfaction and happiness if the reader appreciate his work and change his/her attitude after reading his article.

I am writing articles in various article sites and have some good friends and fans in my writing sites. Today one of the friend request impressed me a lot, which made me to create a topic about this. The person who requested my friendship mentioned that she changed his attitude after reading my article. In fact she planned to commit suicide due to her problems, at that time she crossed my article about Avoid suicide and read the contents. After reading the article she changed her attitude and give up her suicide plan.

She mentioned that my article gives a new energy to her and she got her new life after reading it. Here after she never think about suicide and wish to make a good friendship with me. Also she mentioned that she likes my writing way of using simple words and terms. Really her message made a great impact in me.

As we writing articles to change and guide others in a good manner, if some one changed their activity and attitude after reading our article surely it will give more happiness and enjoyment to the writer. In this way his writing is recognized and s/he will get more satisfaction with his/her work while getting approval from the readers. If the reader changed his/her mind after reading the article, it is the really victory fo a writer.

I am happy to share that i changed a wrong attitude of an unknown person and made her to give up her wrong decision. I think it is the real victory of my writing. Do you ever encountered this kind of messages and friendship request? Any of your articles made a great impact with the reader and the reader messaged you in this sort? What will you do if you got this kind of message and friendship request?