Harry Potter 7 Review

On the premiere night, we were expecting a long line in buying a ticket.  But since the movie theater showed it in 6 cinemas, we didn’t have to wait in line for a long time.  Then the movie began after the trailers.  There are pros and cons when you read the book.  If you read the book, most likely, you are to compare what is in the book, but you get a better grasp of the story.  If you haven’t read the book, you sometimes get lost in translation on certain events happening in the movie.  What I don’t like about a saga is that more often than not, producing a movie takes a long time, so you tend to forget what happened in the previous story and you will see how the actors have matured for their roles.  I admit this is the only Harry Potter book I haven’t read.  So I sometimes get confused with the new characters that come in existence,  but I could still catch up with the storyline.  There are parts that  may be a drag, such as the spacing in between the action scenes or the part when they were hiding in the wilderness.  Breaking the movie into two means they could more or less follow what is written in the book, although it could get some scenes into a drag, and there is still something to look forward to after the movie ends.  What I like in the plot is that, it is unpredictable.  I like the part where the three friends, Harry, Ron & Hermione cared and looked after each other in their quest to defeat Voldemort.  I also liked the reappearance of Dobby but was heartbroken when he died.  What I hate in watching movies though are people who try to narrate what they see on the big screen.  Yes, I know I saw it too.  I hope people would have the decency on keeping commentaries to themselves while watching in the theatre.  My friend was also disturbed by the person sitting behind her who was kicking her chair throughout the movie.  Anyhow, I am excited for part 2.  I would rate the movie 9 stars.