Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Reviews Mixed But Does it Matter?

While the Harry Potter movie won’t be released to the general public until November 19th (a whole week from today!), it premiered last night in London to mixed reviews from critics. Some called the movie too dark for a Harry Potter movie while others called it “gritty and intense.” While this may be two takes on the same thing, it may suggest the movie has a little less mainstream appeal than the previous parts in the Harry Potter series.

Both the Mail Online and This Is London gave the movie a very average 3 out of 5 stars, pointing to the movies darkness and bleakness as their main causes. This Is London said that the film had very little light relief to help moviegoers get a break from the intensity of the film.

However, both The Telegraph and The Express rated the movie a little more highly. The Express said the film was “gritty and intense” and says that despite the films focus on the three main characters of the Harry Potter series, the cast holds up well and does a great job of keeping the viewers interested without the colorful supporting cast. The Telegraph also says that the three main actors deserve praise for keeping the move interesting.

We suspect that some negative reviews won’t affect the die-hard Harry Potter fans who are destined to show up rain or shine for the first installment of the final movie. The second installment is due out next summer and will bring a sad end to a movie franchise that many have grown up with over the last decade.