Hcg Diet And Reviews About it

HCG hormones are available in two forms. It is available either as an injection or oral drops administered under the tongue. There is no strict time prescription to take it as long as it is taken the same time per day. Most people prefer to take HCG in the morning before they do an activity for the day.

Common testimonies of people at some HCG diet reviews who have used the HCG diet plan declare that a person can lose weight within one to three pounds per day. The weight they lose depends on what they eat and when they eat those foods.

The number of weight lost will also depend on the condition of the body when taking HCG. How long a person has to stay on the diet will depend on how much fats must be burned to lose weight and how much the body can take. Some people in order not to damage their health go on intervals while maintaining the food diet intake.

Generally, a person determines the time to stay on the diet or the intervals even before going into the diet plan with the help of a doctor or dietician.

At the start, the person is excited and maintains the food diet but after a week, it becomes tiresome and feels a lack of energy. Feeling weak is caused by the 500 calories a day intake. The stomach may get used to the small portions but eating the same food daily will be a enormous challenge. The food around will become very tempting, and the dieter may be tempted to eat what is not allowed.

The success of the person’s HCG diet is in danger because the success is highly dependent on how the directions are strictly followed.

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