Health And Ecological Conditions, Healing Flora in Your Room

Health and ecological conditions, healing flora in your room

Take care of nature and the holy one

It bequeaths to us by our ancestors.

We often talk about a healthy lifestyle. Because we want to live long, not hurt, be long workable.

Healthy lifestyle – is primarily healthy, intelligent, careful attitude to nature. Because of the environment depends on our health, our welfare, because nature is our mother, our home.

Why are we so beckons forest, river, sea? Why do we feel there is better, truly relax, feel a lightness, a radio around the living? Best pictures of artists – about nature, the best poet – about nature. For nature, as our distinguished poet wrote – and naturalists pryrodozahysnyk Maxim Rila – the eternal source of our lives and our creativity. ” Featured affects our vision, our nervous system green trees and grass.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature, not hurt it, so be healthy and commanded us to honor her. Their commandments amulets came to us from ancient times in the form of superstitions, legends, proverbs, songs, carols, songs long. Folk morality forbade destroy nature, its flora and fauna, pollute the water. We begin to realize not only now, when nature caused serious damage and no impact on our health. Therefore, the best minds of humanity call contemporaries save natural resources, create reserves, sanctuaries, national parks, oppose the testing and use of nuclear weapons, organize environmental associations, parties, calling for reasonable use of chemicals.

Nature – not the life, health, source of creativity, inspiration, beauty, kindness and wealth. Could there be a happy person without it? So, healthier lifestyle – a man in peace and harmony with nature.

Health status and ecology

“How are you?” – Asks the doctor. Ask us about this family, friends and even strangers. For health – the value that you can understand molten when it is lost. As the persistent science sociology, human health depends on the cast 10 percent of the quality of medicine, training of doctors who treat us. The remaining 90 percent – is the state of ecology, human behavior, her ability to live in harmony with nature, its ability to correctly (it aggressively, well, not greedy) reason.

On ecology, the science says that human health depends on the environment within 30-40 percent. For indeed, what we breathe today? Indeed, in an atmosphere of industry emits thousands of tons of toxic agents. Such a flying echelons.

What to eat? Are we all not clear. contaminated soil?

What drink? The blood of the earth – water from a live slowly turns into dead in some areas. And all because of human carelessness.

In healthy people sick of nature do not happen. The only way to coexist with nature. It is – know the laws and coordinate their actions with them. Violation of these laws is mankind responsible for its Code – where crueler than criminal. Speaking figuratively, nature is already beginning to be judged by the laws of war, where the main form of punishment is death. The only way out for us – to protect the environment, mother nature and then it will become for us, loving and wise pramatir’yu.

Live in harmony with nature

According to doctors, more than 25 percent of children in our country suffering from the glut of food chemicals. Every fourth child is a victim chemicals, pollution. And how many children and adults suffering from radiation – the Chernobyl disaster. To mankind was healthy, should be protected all inhabitants of the planet. It is an indispensable condition of our survival. We are wise to live in harmony with nature. Nature gives us another opportunity to normalize relations with it. But this is our last but if not, the last chance. This is easily understood by scientists – ecologists, biologists, doctors, and most residents of developed countries. So there were people trying to live in harmony with nature, not destroy it, and preserve and increase its wealth, are alarmed at even minor contamination of the environment. Because they understand that it affects the health, welfare, happiness and prosperity of the nation, the country. And we have. We have what we have. We are dying more than being born. And so it is important time to stop the ax, listed on a tree, or rather on the tree of life, in which the crowns are living not only birds, but you and me. For pay dearly for the loss to nature – are paying the most precious treasure – health. I wanted people to understand that nature – this temple, and in hami need to be treated. Do not cut a branch, which sit pas. Take care of nature – and the holy one. And while we are healthy, happy. Because of the nature of healthy people sick is not. All people should understand this ground truth.

Nature as mother and sincere

all good wishes:

Soft ptashtsi, snails, man.

And, like, true mother zboleno Punishment

for all the evil that it znichev’yachynym.

O. Zelenko.

Indeed nature punishes us foolish attitude towards it. Kara Chernobyl, nitrates, greenhouse effect, ozone holes, drought, famine, pestilence, vkorochuyuchymy age of humanity.

We are wild people, we all exterminates.

We are with Mother Nature for you.

We speed up its end.

Lina Kostenko.

Where to get care? Answer by our ancient ancestors knew – in nature, they are well-known medicinal properties were first sunlight, dew and benefits, and value of forest air, and salubrity cool water. So take care, appreciate that the closest, most accessible, truest – mother nature. Nature – it is our health.

Healing flora in your room

(Advice for educators)

Cultivating different flowers at home or in the garden, admiring their beauty, we seldom think that cherish piggy bank with extraordinary, magical properties. And the same is the case for flowering plants preserve our health, youth and beauty, improve your appetite. And give aesthetic pleasure, distracting from the worries and stress and inspire cheerfulness, optimism, just improve our mood.

Such versatility inherent properties of many kinds of plants cultivated at room conditions, especially representatives of tropical and subtropical plant species. Almost every plant grown in the room – it surprises Medley, bouquet and have not yet unraveled unraveled, mysterious, not yet famous people properties.

It is difficult, almost impossible to divide the different species coded according to their properties and their effect on the human body. Thus, distinguishing between different groups rather conventional. For example, many medicinal plants – decorative and pryanosmakovi. Many vegetables are good flower and fruit, suitable for use as spices that can simultaneously treat. Such know many tropical and subtropical flora kingdom representatives that we have cultivated in indoor environments. Dozens of our local flowers combine food, medicinal and dietary properties with beautiful decorative qualities.

With lots of plants deal and beauticians. They use biologically active compounds from plants for lotions, creams, as well as imposing various masks and lotions. Plants – the faithful old assistant perfumer, for participating in the creation of perfume and cologne, soaps and shampoos, toothpastes and cleaning agents, various recreational facilities.

Of course, just enough to imagine a cake without using the case of vegetable products, which aromatyzuyut dough and candy, decorated cakes, providing products of various flavors.

Humanity has survived more than one capture different means of rehabilitation and rejuvenation. All those little “panacea” necessarily involved certain plants, are made infusions, ointments, powders, sprays, gels, rubbing, etc.. Based on the study of skilled green dyvohlyadiv folk there, and then medical science. The first and still is an inexhaustible source of modern health of the human body. Meanwhile, the person should not unconditionally accept the recommendations of any of these areas of medicine or have them universal. Here, much depends on the individual characteristics of a living organism, the conditions under which it developed and is now on its existing condition.