Health Benefits of Water

Nature has blessed us with one of its most precious gifts-Water. It is one of the most vital components of all living beings. Water carries all the essential nutrients throughout the body though it is not a food. Its importance lies in the fact that a person can stay without food for some time, but not without water. It is more important than food.

Water possesses a unique property-versatility. It can be used for various purposes and various needs of the body. It is advantageous in any form be it ice, liquid or steam or hot, cold or lukewarm depending upon the need. The largest constituent of human body is water. About 65 to 70 percent of the total body weight consists water.

The body requires water for smooth and efficient functioning of its various processes. Proper intake of water helps in the absorption of food in the stomach. It eliminates the chances of blood clogging and enables an even circulation of blood to all the blood vessels, even the smallest one. It maintains normal body temperature in all weather conditions and keeps the skin moist, soft and lustrous. It is therefore necessary to drink plenty of water daily to preserve and maintain a healthy glowing skin.

Water also improves the functioning the kidneys by eliminating the wastes from the body in the form of urine and preventing the chances of formation of kidney stones. During hot weather it removes the bodily wastes through skin in the form of sweat.

Water is mainly consumed daily through drinking, other fluids such as juices and to some extent through the food. It is present in most of the vegetables such as tomato, radish and watermelon. The body also has its self mechanism of generating water through combustion going on in the system.

It is necessary to drink plenty of water to replace the rate of water removed from the system so as to maintain a balance. Most of the times there is more water elimination during some physical activity such a walking, exercise and running as there is a great loss through sweat and through lungs. This has to be replaced by drinking water and eating food.

If the normal balance of water in the body is disturbed, there is a direct effect on the vital essential processes. Death may occur within 2-3 days if adequate water is not supplied to the body. Everyday water loss takes place from our body no matter whether we drink or not. So if we don’t provide sufficient water to the body blood thickening takes place which exerts a pressure on kidneys. As a result harmful toxins and poisons get accumulated and may also lead to death. It also causes several other problems such as acidity, anemia, headache, gas, bloating and nervousness. Sufficient intake of water automatically relieves these symptoms and makes them disappear.

A normal adult should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day, whether one feels thirsty or not. This required quantity is necessary to flush out the system and meet the daily needs of the body. Drinking excess water is also considered harmful as it weakens the stomach and kidneys.

Gastric juices get diluted and digestion slowed down, if water is taken along with meals. It should be taken one hour before or one hour after meals. Drinking water early in the morning after getting up is very helpful in preventing constipation and disorders of the stomach. It also aids the formation of saliva which along with some useful enzymes helps in the cleansing up of intestinal tract. Drinking water from a copper vessel early in the morning removes excessive heat from the body and cools the system.

Besides using water internally it is also very useful externally for bathing and personal hygiene. During our regular day to day activities, walking, exertion a small layer of sweat forms outside the skin pores which contain various poisonous substances. It is necessary to wash off these poisons for keeping the skin healthy and glowing. There should be a variation of water use according to seasons. It is beneficial to use warm water in winter, lukewarm water in monsoon and cold water in summer for bathing.

Water used for drinking, cooking and bathing should be free from bacteria and viruses. Proper steps should be taken to purify the water and make it germ free and clean. Boiling water for about 15 to 20 minutes is the most simple process in making it free from bacteria and safe for drinking and cooking. U.V filters can also serve this purpose.

Thus we can say that water is one of the essential needs of mankind. It is necessary for the proper functioning of various body processes and maintaining proper health and vitality. Drinking sufficient amount of water not only protects us from various diseases but also enables our body to flush out various toxins, poisons and wastes which are harmful for our body.