Helping a Friend

I’m trying to help friend raise money for a lawyer. The truth is I wanted to get his story out in the public and as well help raise funds.  Read the story and you’ll see why I want to help. People like the district attorney’s office like to just put people jail and not consider all the facts. They seem to never stop and ask their self the questions. What your about to read maybe not everyone’s opinion, however from what I’ve seen this is mine.  

I went to a preliminary hearing last month trying to show my support for both parties. The district attorney’s office didn’t even have all the facts straight before they started asking the questions to the person on the stand. So the more they spoke the more it looked to be is they didn’t care how they did their jobs even if it included some lies. It looked to be all they were looking for is a pat on the back, to let them think they won. The main charge of this case is a felony 2 charge. This is the minimum of 2 years. You may be saying that’s not very long, however for a father of three and a son that’s a very long time. Especially over a total accident that no one was prepared for. This man has a family who depended on him, loves him dearly and is in so much pain and living with unanswered questions.  The accident that I’m talking about is while he was starting to clean his gun down in the basement, it went off, and when it went off it traveled through the basement door into the ceiling. After this happened he panicked and went running around to check on everyone to make sure no one got hurt, apologizing to everyone. He was so scared at that moment.  The reason I know so much about this, is I was there visiting them at the time. Due to a neighbor  that was hell bent to get at this man decided to call the cops, but let me tell you she waited half an hour before she bothered and she left her house to go to another friends to make the call. Now, she had no idea what happened and then made more of this then what was needed. I can respect the wanting to help, however she should have been nosey and tried to get more information before calling the cops. Now something that was a total accident might be separating him from his family for a long time.

Now from what I’ve heard from the district attorney’s office, the police department and some other people, that the district attorney’s office could lower the charges, however they said they want to make an example out of him. My question is what example? Two weeks after all this happened there on the news was a man being charged with simple assault for shooting his wife three times in the chest.  Do you know what he got from that? That man got some probation because she lived. Now what is that saying about our justice system?  Comparing the two cases, can you see the problem here? The districts attorney’s office doesn’t prosecute a man for trying to kill his wife, but they are willing to do that to man for a total accident.  The truth in that is the roles should be reversed, however they are not.

This man has lost his job now, the only source of incoming the family had, his reputation is ruined, can’t support his children due to losing his job and now he might be losing his whole family over an accident. Now after all this, the man started going to counseling for help. He’s been going for a little while now and he ask a good question, why do I keep coming here, if my life is ruined and over as well as now I will be labeled. If the district attorney’s office is labeling me as a bad guy, then why shouldn’t I become one? Why should I stay straight? I’m not sure about you readers, but that to me is a good question. Truth is once you’re in jail it makes you change. So if you go in as a good person and respected, you will return with no hope, jobless, drinking, and no cares to care about. If you are put in with murders, rapist, molesters, and other issued people, it’ll make it rough for you to stay straight. He is nothing of the sort; however he’ll have to live with them if he can’t afford a good attorney.  He spoke with a well-known attorney and the one thing that’s stopping him is the $10,000 that it takes to hire him.

The commonwealth of PA needs to seriously look at the jobs they are handed. Sending a father to prison will do nothing, but show that you better not make any mistakes you may be next to be sitting behind bars.

This is showing how our justice system is really working.

Our prisons are so overwhelmed with prisoners right now, that they have no room; this is why they keep building on, however they are going to try to add someone there that doesn’t need to be there.

I want to think everyone who took the time to read this article. For every penny raised is a penny closer to the goal. Thanks