Helping Each Other!

Ms. Destine

February 22, 2011

 MONDAY by Michael Chabon

            I simply adored this particular story. Mr. Chabon created a virtuosity path that I physically travelled. His descriptive words pulled me into the book. I felt myself walking the New York scene. His expressions “Towards the end of January and early in the morning, the cold was dry, the air was still, and the wind would rise to freeze the cross streets and whistle down the long avenues.” I sensed the chilled. Amazingly, my frost subsided then resurfaced reading “He asked, as the subway rushed by, pushing warm air up through the gates, and then pulling frigid air in after it as it disappeared, its growing fainter.”

            On page 44, when the author wrote about Starr; it hit an all too well memory. Residing in Los Angeles; working as a security officer for only $7.25 an hour, I too had a diet on Peanut Butter sandwiches. Like Starr, I was dedicated to my creative passion. I intuited a family click when seeing my other class mates in the Arts struggling too. We became each other therapist. After rent, car insurance, food shopping, gas bill, electric bill and laundry; our check was pretty sad. Unlike Starr, I weighted a hefty 250lbs so I could afford to miss some dinners! Water and a protein sandwich was far better than lettuce and flaxen seed: Yet, my friend Daniel ate it faithfully. Theresa just survived on cigarettes and coffee. Stretching out a dollar for resumes, headshots and calling cards; made us all magicians.

            Pages 43 and 46 were authentically precise business and educational instruments that any smart person should use. Professors would like their students to remembered the lesson; and apply the knowledge to their homework. Employers sought employees to be well erudite as they utilized their skills to move up the ladder. Lilly was quite impressed with Fitch for remembering her name after two years. I comprehend Fitch reasoning in having an elephant’s memory. He was a man of compassionate ethics. He saw Lilly as a person; not a paycheck. I also felt Lilly treated Fitch as her equal; not hired help. I had always believed to give it my 200%. Showing my boss, teachers or parents I got my facts straight: Remembering every detail showed them; I am reliable. Catching a client is easy; to keep them could be a whole other story. I sensed here that Fitch was definitely a shrewd businessman.

            “A contractor, however, learns early on to deal with chaos, and the technique is simple: if you can build, you need not fear the terrors of demolition.” This particular sentence hugged me. As a hopeful author, actress and plus size model: I had learned not to take bad and good comments personally. I welcomed any instructive criticism. I witnessed too many actresses, models and singer picked themselves in a bottle: Because they could not handle any negative comments. I, myself would cringe seeing my brothers and dad break down a perfectly-good-pricey shape car. Ah! The newer version would always surpass the original piece. Even being in the shelters; I adapted to receiving clothes and sleeping in a dormitory: To going back outside, being cold, having no clothes. The up and down, see-saw could be frustrating. Nevertheless, with every failure I had: I most certainly cultured myself better.

            The first and second paragraph spelled independence on page 55. Fantasying my existence; I craved to be older like Fitch. He had a career, he cherished. Fitch styled his cozy place just the way he wanted it.  Oh boy! Why couldn’t that be me? Being the self sufficient-successful-mature woman; I yearned, hoped, and dreamt still I am the same dumb-naïve-young-failure-geek /nerd female. I had dealt with my hard reality again and again. However reading these two paragraphs; gave me another fantasy. Hearing my classmates reiterating the identical remarks; made me feel less irritated. Still, I discovered those paragraphs encouraged me to be more dedicated to my creative passions. The third paragraph on the same page, the sentence “For a man with no living family and very few friend this could have been quite lonely, but wasn’t.” I could relate in the pass writing my manuscripts and going on auditions when being alone in Los Angeles and Bellingham; funny, I never felt lonely.

            “It’s not lucrative, but it’ll be the best job we’ve ever done, and we’re going to do it faster than hell.” This sentence I liked a lot. It displayed a fervent discipline a few people have. I had strong emotions towards that similar discipline. When I gave information to American Most Wanted; I did it expeditiously. I typed the information on line saying, “Jesus Salazar is left handed, has blood type B+: Be careful he is HIV+.  Mr. Salazar is not in New York, he is in Mexico- Nuevo Laredo-Colinas del sur/De San Angel- used a rental cars. Mr. Salazar dye his hair and eyebrows to dirty blonde. He lost weight. He is 28 year old going to be 29 year old, 5’10”, 150-160 lbs. I am 92% sure my information is right. I desire to remain anonymous. I don’t want any reward. My heart and prayers go to Felicia’s family. God Bless”. Like Fitch, offering my spiritual gifts had never brought me wealth. However, I noticed my core being much stronger dealing with other people attacking me spiritually.

            The last paragraph, on page 58, was cute yet a little on the shy side. Too bad, I never had those two qualities. I loved how Fitch was so respectful while he admired Lilly from afar. Being so asinine; I approached the guys I was interested in. Like the Oprah Winfrey Show: I had a light bulb moment. Finally comprehending the potential would be boyfriend; will only see me as homeless. More brutal, the handsome gentlemen viewed me as lazy-ignorant-liar-thief-greedy-sorry excuse for a female. Yet the sentence, “He had known that her eyes were blue, but he had not known how  blue.” I knew that certain emotion all too well. I craved more than knowing tinted iris of a male. Maybe, I should lessen my intensity. I had always believed: Life is too short so I always went for what I like in full force. Definitely, Fitch method of loving a woman so silently was prudent. However, living safe was never my style.

            Honor and love on pages 62 and 63 played the drums of my heart. Fitch’s character was more bless than me: Simply, because, he had a  successful career. Yet, I fully scope his reasons. My first, middle and last name always spelled “Loser”. I too tolerated losing: Each time it got easier and easier not to follow popular belief. Yes, I did felt a satisfaction of being true to myself. I had character. My environment had detested my stand on several political platforms still I was me. Lilly had a lot of confidence in Fitch. Despite her trust in him; Fitch suggested she let her father view the legal document of new home. I could believe in someone who had nothing to hide like Fitch. With the economy eroding from dishonest business transactions; our country was devastated by the truth of over spending non-existing funds.  United States needed more trustworthy business men like Fitch’s character; to avoid horrible tax cuts and high unemployment percentage, due over selling and buying in the Real Estate market.

            “My life will be buoyant, and my death will be tranquil, only if I can rest upon a store of honor.” I wholeheartedly agreed with Fitch  however honestly I never gave my death a serious thought. Fitch’s notions of his fatality being blanketed by honor did bring up a valid point. No decease person I knew got to spend their funds, took their lands and wore their jewelry to the other side. What matters most was how you carried yourself during your stay on Earth. Being compassionate, ethical and respectful to one another regardless if you did disagree;  will deliver an eternal peace. Honor was imbedded in you while you was in the womb. Love was taught to since you were born. “Harder than honor, I’m afraid, to keep and sustain.” It was rather obvious from recorders showing an increase percentage- 50.5% on couples divorcing. Sustaining adoration between couples, got more complicated. More and more pairs decided to just live together.The media had plenty frenzy breakup stories: Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise, Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin to name a few.

            Most couples deeply desired “Happily Ever After” like the movies. They woke up from their delusion thoughts to the reality: You had to work at your marriage everyday keeping the adoration constant and candid.