Hermit Friends

Hermit Crabs are a great pet to have if you’ve got too many things to juggle!

You don’t need to walk them, or twice a day. You don’t even have to clean their water. They also won’t bother you with any barking, meowing, or squaking. The only noise these crabs make are an occasionally croaking sound.

They are laid back creatures, that are mostly active during later night hours.

Hermit Crabs will be happy in their cage as long as you supply them water, and some food. You should also leave another empty hermit crab shell, one size bigger than it’s current shell, for it to transition into as it grows!

Note: Cages should have chicken wire type walls for crabs to climb on!

Despite their name, Hermit crabs DON’T like to be lonely. That doesn’t mean cuddle with them at night, but more than one crab to keep them company. In the wild, hermit crabs live in colonies with up to 100 or more crabs! Don’t worry about your two or more crabs making babies, Hermits cannot reproduce in captivity. They release their eggs into the ocean, so unless they have a simulated shoreline, they wont reproduce.

One cool thing about these pets it’s you can personalize their shells!

Decorate their cages with palm trees, huts, water dishes, spinges, colored stones, colored sand, seashells, and more!

Don’t make their water dishes TOO deep, a hermit crab can drown!

Although it’s best to feed your crab pet-store bought hermit crab food, they will also eat much more. Tiny Fruits, Veggies, and meats will keep them from being hungry too!

Some crabs are more aggressive than others, be careful of their claws. Theres creatures can pinch!They are very strong! If you see their legs start to fall off, this means your hermit crab is sick!