Herpes Symptoms Small Itchy Fluid Filled Blisters

Herpes symptoms are mostly the common one which is been caused to every individual both men and women. If you are been diagnosed to this disease then it is very necessary that one should know that what are the symptoms one is facing. It is a very common that small kind of blisters raise from the skin in which it is filled with fluid. This fluid is infectious when this blisters burst then the fluid inside it spreads to the other part of the skin and the rest of the part also gets infected to this disease. The clusters which appear like a small bump on the skin are painful and it basically takes around several days to heal it if treated properly. Herpes is caused due to the simplex virus 1.  There are two types of Herpes symptoms oral herpes and genital herpes. In oral herpes the blisters are mostly to be appear on the face around the mouth, lips, nose and this blisters are painful and itching if it is diagnosed to a person.

Many people have confusion between the canker sores and herpes. Cankers sores are those blisters which are appeared inside the mouth. It is a lot of difference between the pimple or called acne on a skin of the face and herpes. So one should know what are the Herpes symptoms and the solution on it. Other type of herpes is the genital one in which the blisters appears on the genital part of a person like it may appear on the men’s penis or around it and for women it may appear on vagina or around it. These blisters are painful, itchy and also irritated. To avoid more symptoms of it one should avoid some habits like rubbing, scratching and lot more which may make the blisters more irritable to you. The very common Herpes symptoms is that this small bumps are been filled with fluid and it is necessary to avoid such things which it may create more harmfulness.

If a person is diagnosed to it then make sure you don’t touch this boils with nails or with any sharp thing, it can be more infectious. This fluid spreads to other part of the skin then after few days then new herpes boils appear. It is not necessary that these Herpes symptoms affect on a particular part but it affects the face from lips, mouth, nose, chin and lot more when it comes to oral. But when it comes to genital one then it affects the penis, vagina, scrotum, anus, thighs, vulva, buttocks and urethra. Some time while urination you many find it difficult because it pains a lot and the burn sensation arise. If you are diagnosed to these Herpes symptoms then it is most important to take care of it and one can go for an immediate treatment to a doctor because as per the symptoms doctors may give you prescribed medication. There are also various home remedies and homeopathic treatment on herpes. This treatment can help to get relief from the irritation, itchiness and pain but it does not heal completely. Later you can see that the blisters are been healed and the remaining is just the dry crust on the surface.