High Heels Danger For Health

Many people believe high heels only bring bad effects to health, so that high heels should not be worn and should be abandoned. Their opinions are not entirely correct, because removing high heels, does not mean throw away all problems and pain experienced by your feet. However we still need the presence of high heels to complement the professional performance and appearance at an important moment. Some researchers have finally revealed the fact, that high heels can still be tolerated, so long as the high fit and safe.

Ideally, according to the researchers, high high heels should not be more than 1 inch. High heels that have a high of more than 1 inch will be easier to injure the feet, even if worn regularly, the shape of the foot would be better to follow your normal shoe wear.

Dangers of wearing high heels:

Foot injury will be easy, especially the ankle

Lower leg muscles will not work optimally

Blood circulation will be smooth and not obstructed in several places

Muscle injury and easier to assemble in one place, because blood flow is not smooth

Wearing high heels makes the body tends to lean forward, so slowly but surely, your spine will not be upright and straight, but leaning forward

Pressure on the toes bigger, so in general will berbengkok toes, the shape is no longer natural as usual

Some researchers had said that high heels can affect smoothness urogenital system, those who wear high heels, disposal system is not smooth, hard defecating or urinating

Affect bone shape and posture

Affect fertility and sexual desire


Make sure you have some kind of shoes, and wear high heels only at certain moments

Select high heels under 1 inch to make it more secure and comfortable in the foot

When outside the critical moment, wear flat shoes or sandals for the feet can be more relaxed and rested

Do therapy on foot, by walking on logs or rocks on the warm beach sand

Massage your feet regularly for smoother blood circulation