History of Tattoo in India

The art of tattoo is one that is as old as time itself.  Ancient Egyptians did it and many ancient tribes did it because body art represented many things.  Today there are many individuals who paint their bodies for one reason or another but in everything that we do, it is good to know the history and why we are doing it.  If you are thinking about tattoo Chandigarh, it is essential that you know about the history of tattoo in India and when tracing this history, we will need to go roughly 5000 years in the past.  Throughout centuries, Indian tattoo has always been a wonderful creation; something that both men and women did as a part of their tradition or for mere fashion.

Indian tattoo and the culture attached to it

Indians are very particular about culture and when many people are getting tattoo Faridabad, most people still think about the culture and tradition attached to body art.  Tattoo was used mostly as a form of celebration and receptions, weddings, and other such festive celebrations saw many body arts being created. 

Along with celebrations bringing out these decorative souls, tattoo Chandigarh and other Indian countries was something that women mostly did.  Mehandi was what this work of art on the female body was known as and it is also a tattoo form that is commonly used today known as Henna tattoo.  This form of body art was not only used in India but was used in many rituals in areas as far as Africa.  The Henna tattoo is not permanent like the ones done with the needles and ink and it is a form of body art that women loved because it faded after a period of time. 

The art of creating Mehandi was a very popular routine and all women participating in a wedding in the past would tattoo their body as a tradition. Along with the use of tattoos to celebrate certain occasions, there were some Indians who used tattoos as a part of their beliefs.  These Indians would apply the body art to ward off bad spirits and any other omens they may think might be around them.  This belief behind getting a Tattoo Chandigarh is still being practiced today; even if it is not on such a wide scale as in the past. 

Tattoo Faridabad as with tattoos throughout India was also done to show affection and love.  Many people in the Indian society choose to get tattoos if they lost someone they loved.  These tattoos will be the person’s name or it may also be the name of a god that they adored.  The practice of getting different fertility symbols tattooed on the body was also very popular and many Indian women would also tattoo a symbol to represent good health and long life. 

As you can see, the history of tattoo in India has transcended throughout the years and today many people are wearing tattoo in Chandigarh for fashion and as a part of their culture as well.  Tattoo is very famous throughout the world and is used as an expression of oneself. 

If you have been seeking a way to express yourself and be an individual, think about getting a tattoo in Chandigarh and see the difference it makes.