Hollywood Visits Nashville, TN 2-2-2010

February 2nd, 2010 Nashville hosted a free concert and movie taping at the Municipal Auditorium. The movie being taped was “Love Don’t Let Me Down” starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw, among other popular names.

Anyone eighteen or older was welcome to come to the free concert that started at 4pm and lasted till just after midnight. Attendees received a free chartered bus ride from the Titans stadium parking to the Auditorium where they were brought into the main arena where Gwyneth Paltrow was already on stage performing a song for the movie. Throughout the night Paltrow performed various songs for the movie and between scenes The Lost Trailers took the stage and performed acoustic songs for the approximately 2,000 people from many nearby states who showed up to be a part of the movie making. Along with some of their well loved songs they performed a few new songs that they said had not yet been heard and will be shared during their upcoming tour with Tim McGraw.

Along with Paltrow and “The Lost Trailers”, attendees were entertained by Storme Warren, a man who is well know by GAC (Great American Country television channel) fans. Warren has been referred to as “The Dick Clark of Nashville” and on Tuesday night he displayed his wonderful hosting talents by keeping the crowd entertained between some shots, interacting with the crowd and giving away prizes in a drawing. Many prizes were given out including two autographed guitars, one autographed by Kenny Chesney and the other by Tim McGraw, various electronics, and even two plane tickets.

Tim McGraw did make a brief appearance to greet everyone and thank them for their being there. Though his appearance was brief it was a big highlight for many country fans in attendance. Tim McGraw also allowed the movie company to use his concert stage for the movie scenes, so some McGraw fans may find themselves recognizing a bit of the stage scenes. Earlier in the day Tim also met with a couple fans from the St. Louis area who won a contest from their local radio station and received plane tickets to Nashville, two nights motel stay and the ability to meet Tim and get an autograph from him.

While some in the audience said they didn’t really know much of what Gwyneth Paltrow has done previously it was clear that Paltrow was not lacking for fans in the crowd. Between takes there were shouts of “We love you Gwyneth!” Gwyneth’s kind responses certainly give one reason to like her. While some celebrities seem to be bothered by fans Gwyneth showed that she is not one of those stars. She smiled broadly with each cheer and responded to “we love you” calls with “I love you too!” Early on in the evening Gwyneth also welcomed everyone and expressed her appreciation for everyone who attended.

“Love Don’t Let Me Down” will continue taping in the Nashville, Tennessee area likely through March. If you are wondering how you might be able to join in on other future productions such as this, a little bit of internet detective can go a long way. Local news sites will sometimes report on upcoming productions as will craigslist.org, under gigs, click on talent. Or visit the Tennessee state website and look in their film section, https://www.state.tn.us/film/bboard.htm

To learn more about the movie “Love Don’t Let Me Down” check out: https://www.examiner.com/x-11989-Nashville-Gospel-Music—Entertainment-Examiner~y2010m2d2-Tim-McGraw—Gwyneth-Paltrow-film-Love-Dont-Let-Me-Down-concert-scene-at-Municipal-Auditorium