Home Based Businesses – Why You Should Not Start One

A home based business is advertised on the Internet as the solution to your financial woes.  It is the vehicle to generating passive income streams and will enable you to retire early.  Furthermore, anybody can do it and it doesn’t require a lot of skills, time or dedication.

While there are a lucky few who do make good money, it will be fair to say that for most people, their experience in starting a home based business is the direct opposite from what the hype would have you believe.

I have been surfing the web for quite some time, and have also explored home based businesses in some detail.  At the start, I thought that anyone with the drive to work hard, and a little smart, can enjoy and make a success of a home based business.  But now, I think that only some types of people are suitable for such a business, and would enjoy it.

I have detailed some traits and reasons which you should NOT have if you want to start a home based business.  If you have even one of the traits listed below, you might want to reconsider a decision to start a home business.

If You Are Looking At A Home Business To Replace Your Present Job

You are going to quit your job the next month.  You have about 2 months worth of savings in the bank.  You are going to be working very hard at a home business to make sure that it will make good money by the third month so that you can put food on the table and not miss any payments.

If You Don’t Want To Learn New Skills

Technology scares and confuses you.  It is a major project just to figure out how to set the remote timer on your air conditioning.  You are happy doing the same thing day in and day out and is upset if you are required to learn how to use the new photocopier machine.  In fact, every time you need to install a new program, you bring your computer to the shop to get them to install it for you.

If You Are A Worker And Not An Entrepreneur

You are at your best when somebody tells you what to do.  Words like leader, visionary or entrepreneur just does not apply to you.  When asked to lead a project, you break out in a cold sweat and will try whatever you can to get out of it.

If You Need Money Now

You are starting a home based business expecting that it will yield a good return within a short period of time.  Your savings can only last you one more month and the car payments are already late by one month.

If You Are Not Willing To Work Hard

You are always on the lookout for opportunities that make you a lot of money but requires very little work and skill, hoping to find the one opportunity that delivers on their promise.  You have absolutely no intention of working hard to build your business and are actually looking for a way to get rich quick.


If you are in one of the categories above, I would advice you to think very carefully before starting a home business.  While there are exceptions to every rule, a home business is a not something you want to start on a lark.  You want to make sure you are armed to the teeth to ensure success in a home business.