Home Decorating on a Limited Budget

Everyone knows that an interior decorator can do amazing things to your home to show off your sense of style.  However, not everyone can afford to have their interior design done by a decorator.  Even if you have a limited budget, there are many ways to find things that make your home feel like it is your own space. 

If you want to give your home a little pizazz and flair, first you need to decide what your own personal style might be.  You can start by deciding on a color scheme and then incorporating pieces into your home that accentuate this.  An example might be that you want to paint the walls light green in your living room and your carpet is beige.  Now you have a color sample to work from when adding accent pieces such as lamps, pictures, candles and other decor accessories. 

The next thing you can do that is helpful when you are planning a room is to sketch the room on a sheet of paper.  This doesn’t have to be precise but it can help to give you a visualization while you are shopping as to where each piece might fit in your room.  If you are able to refer to a sketch whenever you are looking at a piece of art or a table, this will help you place things as you purchase them.  This makes your task a little easier while shopping.

Now that you know your color scheme and you have a rough sketch of the room, it is time to go shopping.  This is where you can save the most money and be the most creative.  Some ideas are discount stores such as variety stores.  Often you can find eclectic pieces that you wouldn’t find in a retail establishment and you will definitely find great prices as well.  Another place to look is garage sales, auctions, flea markets and craft malls.  You would be amazed at what you can find in places like these.  There are usually a lot of options when you are shopping in stores that sell used or second-hand items.  If you can pick a piece up that is perfect for what you want to use it for and the price is right, you can always alter the color or fabric to suit your needs.  This is a great way to make that perfect and memorable piece your own on a budget.

Thrift stores, antique shops and dollar stores are another great source for decor items at great savings.  A local dollar store offers many items such as wall sconces, candles, decorative figurines and wall art at prices that are usually under $20.  You can be creative with different pieces especially if you are saving this much money while doing so.  Use an outdoor wall mount on each side of a mirror to create candle holders that have a unique appeal.  Use small wicker tables and end tables that are sold in the outdoor section of your local thrift store as accent pieces in your living room.  It will look like high end boutique furnishings and no one will ever guess where they came from or what their original purpose  might have been.

Some other ideas are using inexpensive draperies in unique ways such as hanging a longer drapery than you need and then tying the end into a decorate knot.  In other words, if you need a 63″ drape then opt for the 84″ drape and use the end to simply tie a loose knot.  This will look like something that you had custom made or something that was special ordered and it will add definition to your room. 

If you are willing to be inventive and imaginative, you can find many things in unusual places to make your house your home with your own unique style as the focal point.  Your friends and family will be in awe of your beautiful home and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.