Home Made Samosa Recipe For Any Occasion

For as little as £15 you can make up to 100 ( or more) samosas and freeze them for later use.

I know English people love samosas. In my area alot of English people go to the Asian takeaways alot more than the Asian people themselves and have Asian snacks including samosas.

But at the take away price of 2 samosas for £1.50 they are quite dear if you do love to eat them.

And if you entertain people these are a perfect party snack too.

I will tell you how you can enjoy samosas without having to go to the takeaway and without breaking the bank either.


3 cups water

One bag plain flour

2 cups Sunflower Oil

Frozen bag of mixed vegetables like peas and carrots (these should be cut into little pieces if they are to big.make them slightly smaller than a five pence piece)

2lb mince meat

2 potatoes- Cut into small pieces

2 onions – Cut into small pieces

2 spoons garam masala- can be purchased at your nearest Asian shop

2 spoons red chilli powder- or less depending on how hot you like your samosas


Preparation for the filling

Take a big pan and add 2 cups of water, mixed veg,mince meat, garam masala,chilli powder, chopped potatoes,chopped onions. Fry and cook on medium heat till the mince meat is brown and cooked properly.

 For the pastry itself:-

Part 1

 Take a cup of flour from the flour bag and add the other water cup to it till it is very runny. If needed add more water. It should look quite glue like.

 Part 2

 Knead the plain flour with sunflower oil into a dough ( just like for bread or chapattis). The dough should be nice and firm.not too hard but not so soft either.

That’s the prep work done, now for the actual making of the samosas.

Making the samosas:-

 Make small balls out of the dough and roll flat into small chapattis.

place a frying pan on medium heat and cook just one side of the chapattis only slightly.

If you can manage then roll the balls,flatten and cook at the chapattis at the same time.

layer the cooked chapattis one on top of the other. Cut into half.

Take one half of the chapattis and fold into triangle piece using the gluey paste made with flour earlier on so that the edges stick.use your fingers to really flatten the edges together. Leave the top end open just close the pointy end and sides up. Take care so that the cooked side is on the in side of the made triangle.

Take a spoon and add the mince meat in. Add as much as you want but be careful bot to over stuff s you don’t want the samosas to tear.Close the top with the flour paste. Make sure it is tightly closed using your fingers.

Your samosas are now ready to fry.


To make things easier, make all the balls in one go then start flattening and frying them

Same with the triangle pieces. Make the triangles first and the fill in one go.

Freeze the rest for a later day- just defrost and fry.

These are great for parties too.

Please let me know if you do try them and how it turned out

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