Home Remedies against gastritis and acidity

Tips against gastritis and acidity

There are several home remedies that can help combat the discomfort of gastritis.

If an ailment that is repeated frequently should consult a doctor because the symptoms may be aggravated to cause an ulcer, perforation or obstruction.


– Take a slow large glass of skim milk with yogurt.

– The green apple grated refreshes and soothes the stomach.

– Make every morning a spoonful of olive oil

– Blend in half cup water with some leaves of cabbage. Take the juice fasting.

– Take an unflavored gelatin in fasting, at noon and at bedtime.

Tips against gastritis

– Take plenty of water

– Avoid soft drinks

– Do not eat fatty foods

– Increase consumption of fiber

– Eating fruits and vegetables

– Avoid very spicy foods and condiments

– Manage stress and anxiety

– Avoid smoking.

– Do not eat tomatoes with their skin. Always peel before eating.


– Breakfast every morning a cup of oats.

– Develop a carrot juice and two to four leaves of lettuce. Mix everything in a blender and swallow the juice the next day.

– In a glass of water, place a teaspoon of apple vinegar. Drink slowly.

– Boil a small onion in a little milk. Strain the liquid and drink hot.

Tips against acidity

– Avoid too tight clothing at the waist.

– Consume vegetables to avoid the appearance of heartburn as carrots, potatoes and cauliflower.

– Reduce the consumption of coffee and snuff

– Avoid fried foods.

– Physical exercise is very beneficial to combat acidity.