Homeschooling in WV

Send your school system a letter of intent. This letter simply will state that you plan to begin homeschooling your child beginning a certain date. Address the letter to the “homeschooling director” at your county’s board office. You may prefer to hand deliver the letter or send it certified mail. Keep a copy for your records. I would send this letter in May of the year before you plan to start homeschooling, before school lets out for the year.

You will probably receive a packet of information from your local school board, but every district is different. This packet may include information for homeschooling families such as dates for standardized testing and other forms that may need to be completed. Keep the packet in a file folder and send back any forms as required. It’s best to comply with school district requests if they are legitimate.

Choose the form of assessment your child will participate in, and inform the school district. In WV, you may have your child tested at a public school free of charge, pay for testing by a psychologist(expensive choice), or choose to put together a portfolio and have it reviewed by a WV certified teacher. The portfolio option is preferred by many and is less expensive and places much less stress on the child.

Choose a curriculum. There are prepackaged curricula that you can buy and use at all grade levels. Christian curricula are popular for those homeschooling with a Christian emphasis. You can use the local library, the internet, a homeschool coop, or even county textbooks for resources.

Think about your philosophy of education. How do you want to teach your child and what values will you instill? Will you homeschool for a set number of hours per day, or will it be set up according to when your child meets daily goals? There are many philosophies of homeschooling out there. Research what has worked for others.

If you plan well, engage your child at his or her level, and follow the above requirements, you can start to homeschool your child in WV in no time.